Rejuvenate your skin and de-stress your mind and body with Fiama Gel Bathing Bars!

The past year has affected every aspect of our lifestyle. Even with staying indoors and having little or no socializing, my life has become busier than it has ever been. Constant zoom calls, online classes with the kids, and cooking for my loved ones comprise most of my day. All the stress of juggling between home and work and the endless hours of social media gets me tired and weary. And by the end of the day, even my skin tends to look dull and dry.

After a long and eventful day, nothing soothes my body and refreshes my mind like an aromatic shower with my favorite bath products. However, whether it be before bed, or a refreshing morning shower, I make sure to make the most of my bathing time to pamper myself. 

It is always a great idea to stock up on a range of aromatic soaps that do not just clean and nourish your skin, but lightens your mood and feels rejuvenating. My search for a luxurious and effective bath product that soothes my mind and gives me a recharging pick me up led me to try the Fiama Gel Bars, which have now become a staple in my everyday bathing ritual.

Fiama Gel Bathing Bars, unlike ordinary soaps, is a Gel Bar. The bars have the goodness of exotic natural ingredients that moisturizes your skin and invigorating fragrances that uplift your mood. It solves all your bath-time needs. 

Fiama Gel Bathing Bars

Fiama Comes With a Bath Experience

Fiama has a wonderful range of Gel bars available in different colors, made up of different ingredients and fragrances for a delightful bath experience. The different bars offer a range of fragrances that are indulgent and invigorating and helps in de-stressing and uplifting your mood. With their celebration pack, Fiama promises a range of fun bath experiences. Unlike other brands that deliver the same fragrances in combo packs, the Fiama Celebration Pack comes with 4 variants of 75 gm gel bars with different fragrances. There is a bigger Celebration Pack available online with five different 125gm gel bars. With so many variants, every bath is a unique experience and there is never a dull moment. 

Say Hello to Soft & Happy Skin

Fiama Gel bars have the goodness of exotic natural ingredients that nourish the skin. The pleasing orange gel bar is made with Peach and Avocado fruits, the exotic purple bar is made with blackcurrant and bearberry fruits, the refreshing green bar is made with lemongrass leaves and jojoba oil, and the soothing pink soap is made with Patchouli flowers and Macadamia nuts. Each Gel Bar is filled with the goodness of nature which moisturizes the skin and negates the effects of stress on the skin. All you need is an exotic bath with a Fiama bathing gel bar to make the skin soft, supple, and happy!

Fiama Gel Bathing Bars

Your Dedicated “Me Time”

In between all the humdrum of the day, my everyday bathing ritual is the relaxation that I look forward to. It is the only “me time” I find in my day and I try to make the most of it. I mindfully pick the bar I want to use that day and indulge in the fragrance of the exotic gel bars by Fiama. It is the perfect treat that my body, mind, and skin crave.

The best part of all of this is the unique and affordable pack in which these Fiama gel bars are available. The celebration pack offers a “Buy 3 Get 1” promo at an affordable price of Rs. 99 and provides a wonderful range of all 4 bars different colors, ingredients, and fragrances in the pack.

You can also get a bigger celebration pack at just Rs. 259 that has 5 variants and is easily available online. A luxurious soap and bathing experience available at an affordable price is a steal deal one should not miss. 

Fiama Gel Bathing Bar has indeed added fragrance, rejuvenation, and refreshing vibes to my bathing experience.

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  1. Oh when I lived in Mumbai for a while, I would use Fiama. Now I just use body showers and gels and I’m happy. I’ve given up using any kind of bars now.

  2. I had used Fiama gel bathing bar personally and had a great experience with it. indeed it gives a refreshing feeling to skin. thanks a lot dear for sharing your honest review.

  3. I hadn’t tried Fiama bathing bars. I did try their body wash and that was something that I loved. Will keep an eye out for this one when I grocery shop the next time

  4. Even we have been using Fiama Gel bars for a rejuvenating bathing experience since long. An this pack is awesome

  5. I personally love this fiama gel bars.. specially the fragrance is awesome.. your review is interesting and will help many to take right decision

  6. I am a regular buyer of this brand’s products and I absolutely love the fragrances of their products. Would surely be checking this range of soap bars.

  7. Fiama di wills.gel bars are very soothing much nourishing. I knee about their body wash only earlier. Recently started using gel bars

  8. I have tried the fiama shower gel and had loved it, and now its good to learn about their gel soaps – that will be such a fun addition to my bathing ritual 🙂 definitely going to pick this celebration pack and explore the fragrances.

  9. Am definitely buying these bars because a) I like gel bars b) i loved the various fragrances and c) all of them come in one pack! Usually one gets 4 of the same kind in deals such as this. thanks so much!

  10. I will definitely check out fiama bath soaps . Looks like of awesome quality and moisturising on skin.

  11. Well I haven’t used the bar but yes I use Fiama shower gel and I totally love the fragrance. I recommend this product for sure.

  12. I really love the colourful packaging of the soap bar. this is a good brand and the price is also right. Would try

  13. Fiama gel bathing bars are one of my favourites. They have some great fragrances and also make me feel refreshed. Will check these new ones too.

  14. I love my shower time and I really enjoy using nice and good smelling soaps for my skin. I have used fiamma soaps and they are really good.

  15. I tried this Fiama gel bar. It’s really good and leaves skin softer for longer.

  16. Shreemayee Chattopadhyay

    I haven’t tried Fiama bathing bars yet, though tried shower gels and love them. Would definitely try these as they will help de-stress our senses. Thanks for sharing.

  17. thanks for recommending these gel bars – they are such a good addition to the bathing ritual! the fragrance and feel-good is totally worth an extra shower or two every day 🙂

  18. Fiama is a good brand, I have tried its soaps, they are good to skin.

  19. Fiama gel bathing bar sounds promising in rejuvenating skin. Would love to try

  20. Fiama gel bathing bar sounds promising in rejuvenating skin. Would love to try this bathing bar

  21. I am using Fiama gel bathing bars from very long and I had a great experience and I am in love with the fragrances of these bars

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