The Ultimate Bridal Lingerie Guide

The Ultimate Bridal Lingerie Guide

February 2, 2021 14 By Ruchi Verma

The most important part of a woman’s wardrobe is her lingerie. Well-fitted lingerie does not just form the basis of the look for the outfit to slip on seamlessly, it also works a great deal in highlighting the curves and defining the body shape. Moreover, great lingerie brings in the element of confidence in a woman by accentuating her beauty and making her feel feminine.

The right lingerie can make or break a look. And with the importance of lingerie well-emphasized, one can know how important it is to have the right bridal lingerie. After all, it’s the most important dress of our life and there can’t be any mistakes.

Putting together the perfect look for your wedding functions and the D-day can be a lot of pressure and finding the right bridal lingerie to go with, can be even more troublesome. We are here to help you and guide you in choosing the right lingerie for your wedding wardrobe.

  1. For Wedding Functions: Black and Nude lingerie are two colors that go with everything and form the basis of your lingerie collection. Invest in well-fitted and seamless lingerie in these colored lingeries to go with all your outfits, unless there is a neckline issue. Your next pair of lingerie to buy depends upon the kind of neckline and back cut your blouses or wedding dresses have.
  1. If you’re going for the backless blouse or a deep cut back, choose a bra with a transparent strap at the back or opt for a multi-way bra.
  2. For alluring deep plunging necklines that flaunt your collarbones, opt for a bra with a deeper neckline to avoid any lingerie showing through.
  3. If you are going with an off-shoulder neckline, a boat neckline, or even a blouse or dress with a sheer neckline, visible bra straps can easily break the look and take the charm away. Make sure you wear a strapless bra that does not show and pulls all the attention to your beauty bones.
  4. Another option to go well with those bare-shouldered blouses or glam cocktail dresses is wearing silicone stick-on bras and nipple concealers. They come in very handy and are safe.
Bridal Lingerie Guide
  1. Shapewear: A shapewear is a great accessory that helps to accentuate your body shape by hiding the bulges. It also adds a seamless layer of confidence to your vibe. When buying the right shapewear, make sure that it fits you like a second skin and is comfortable to wear for long hours. Nude and black are the only two basic colors that you need in your need and will go with all your outfits.
  1. For Honeymoon: Nothing gives you the newlywed bride feeling like comfortable lingerie does. Buying honeymoon lingerie is a vital part of wedding shopping. However, choosing the right lingerie for your honeymoon can be quite a task, especially with all the basics as well the weird things that are available in the market.

When looking for stylish lingerie pieces, opt for elements like lace and satin to add a touch of classy femineity while keeping it minimal. You can also add a few baby dolls if you have the confidence for it.

  1. Nightwear: Nothing feels better than changing in your nightwear at the end of a day. And nothing is better than shopping for cute nightwear for yourself. Go for a silk chemise or a gown or even a pair of satin shorts and spaghetti to create the perfect subtle and classy look.

Follow these tips when shopping for your bridal lingerie, and we are sure you will feel secure and confident inside out at your wedding.

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