Strawberry Shake for kids with Balzano Nutri Blender 500W

Strawberry Shake for kids with Balzano Nutri Blender 500W

February 24, 2021 26 By Ruchi Verma

Season of Strawberries are here and one thing which we just can’t miss is “Strawberry Shake”. It’s a favorite among everyone at home and now we have Balzano Nutri Blender 500W which made it super easy to make. I have a quick recipe that will surely make you and your family happy.

When we were looking for a compact and easy-to-use blender in the market our search ended with Balzano, this Nutri blender is so easy to use and has multiple qualities.

Features of Balzano Nutri Blender 500W

  1. Compact design is really great as it takes less space than food processors.
  2. Perfect for Indian kitchen.
  3. It has a power base which is the heart feature of this blender.
  4. With 2 blades Cross Blade and a Flat blade, my job in the kitchen is easy as it is my helping hand now in chopping. Grating and blending.
  5. Tall and short cups not only used for mixing but can store my ingredients.
  6. It is designed & engineered in Italy and made in INDIA.
  7. Easy to use even for kids (in parent’s guidance).

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  1. The Cross Blade: Best for Chopping, Blending, Mixing, grating, Pureeing, Shaving Ice and frozen fruits, Grinding meats.
  2. The Straight flat blade: Grinding and chopping harder, single ingredients or whipping foods.
Balzano Nutri Blender 500W

Strawberry Shake Recipe:


  1. Straberries- 6 to 7
  2. Apple Juice- 1 tbsp
  3. Curd: 3 tbsp
  4. Milk: 1 Cup
  5. Sugar: 1.5 tbsp


  1. Wash and Cut Strawberries in half.
  2. Put all ingredients in Balzano Nutri Blender 500W.
  3. Lock the jar and
  4. Blend in a smooth texture.
  5. Serve in your choice of glass with your choice of decoration.

I prepare this Shake within 5 minutes with the help of Balzano Nutri Blender 500W. You can also try this and to get your Nutri blender check the below link.

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