6 Ways to Add Romance in Your Long Distance Relationship

6 Ways to Add Romance in Your Long Distance Relationship

July 19, 2017 3 By Ruchi Verma

Some couples are not much lucky as they have to endure long distance relationship as they both are unable to reside in the same country or city together. In these circumstances, couples in long distance relationships have to handle the pain of separation in the most intelligent manner. As they are not physically and emotionally available to each other during difficult times, it becomes a critical task to handle each other properly. If you are in a long distance relationship for some time, here are the simple tips that can help in adding romance and warmth in your relationship.

Talk with each other at a regular interval-

As you both are living in different city or country, so a face-to-face meeting is not possible. In order to fill the void, engaging in a regular conversation with your sweetheart through chat, social media, phone calls or messages is a wonderful idea. You can further initiate a video chat that can help both of you in a face-to-face conversation and can make you feel closer.

Celebrate important days and events together-

It is important to celebrate various important days and events related to your relationship or each other. You can send a bouquet of flowers, cakes or chocolates to your lovely girlfriend or boyfriend in Singapore. Donโ€™t worry about the condition of flowers as you can offer fresh flowers to them through the help of any reliable flower delivery services in Singapore. Lovers can easily send these flowers online if they donโ€™t have much time to find a nearby flower shop in Singapore.

Send cute voice messages for each other-

Sometimes the voice of your beloved is the most amazing gift on any special occasion. You need to send your cute voice messages for him/her on occasions like birthday, promotions, Valentineโ€™s Day and other such events.

Buy gifts for each other-

Exchanging gifts with your loved ones is a brilliant idea to build warmth and romance in your relationship. You can buy cute gifts for each other keeping in mind the personality of your partner and can express your love emotions towards them. These gift items can be anything from a brooch to hair accessory, cufflink to overcoat and other such items that can be a wonderful daily use gift item for your special ones.

Share your daily routine and other office issues- When you are away from your loved ones, simple conversations and gossips can be a great stress buster for the two of you. These small talks centered on your daily routine or office will help both of you in understanding each other in a better way.

Ask food recipes for your sweetheart-

Most of the people who are staying away from home are often complaining about the lack of good quality food. You and your girlfriend are also living alone in different cities or countries and it is also an important issue for you. In order to resolve this, you can take the help of your girlfriend in giving you cooking classes for comfort food like Dal Chawal, Pulao, Khichdi and other such food items.

So, by following these simple tips, you can easily add much-needed romance and warmth in your long distance relationship.

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