7 Must-read books from #BlogchatterEbook 2020 Library

Every year, Blogchatter’s E-book carnival is something many bloggers and authors look forward to. This year again with many and many ebooks are here, which are marking their impact on readers. Some of my very good bloggers friends turned out into an author.

I have downloaded a few books and sharing my favorite 9 books which I feel must download for sure. Well, there are over 9 but sharing my favorite 9 here:

1. It’s all called Love by Dipika Singh

books from #BlogchatterEbook 2020

With beautiful 11 short love stories with a pure emotion of love, this book is for everyone who believes in love, relation, and bond. Every story is unique in its own way as they fill it with emotions, past and beautiful promising future.

About the Author: Dipika mother of an active 8-year-old daughter and a full-time lifestyle and mom blogger who pours her heart on her blog called gleefulblogger.com

To download: Click here

2. Childhood Obesity & Adult Life by Dr. Amrita Basu

books from #BlogchatterEbook 2020

Raising kids is not rocket science but if you know the right way to raise your bundle of joy since childhood you will surely grow up healthy adult. This book really needs to be with you to know all questions about weight loss, obesity and above all actions, you can take.

About the Author: Over 10 years of experience, Dr. Amrita Basu is an ENT surgeon and a known author of over 8 healthcare books. We know her blogger and shares thoughts on healthwealthbridge.com

To download: Click here

3. To you my grandchild with love: By Roma Gupta Sinha

books from #BlogchatterEbook 2020

It’s always said what we want to transfer to our coming generation and when we are facing such a tough time of COVID 19 this book is to pass on 26 never to forget soulful letters to the coming generation.

About the Author: With an author of 4 books we know Roma for sharing positive thoughts through her write up and social media giving the right source of information and empowering women across the globe.

To download: Click here

4. A TO Z Crafts for kids by Kinshoo Agarwal

Keeping kids engaged in the toughest job every parent faces and when you get something which they would love to do and get engaged with you nothing could be better and this book is for all parents must have to spend good quality time with kids with easy DIY and craft for kids.

About the author: Kinshoo Agrawal is a management graduate and a blogger who shared wonderful activities and parenting tips on her blog Momlearningwithbaby.com

To download: Click here

5. Healthy eating for busy moms by Dr. Surbhi Prapanna

books from #BlogchatterEbook 2020

This book is one which I suggest everyone should download as in this hectic schedule it’s important for everyone to stay fit and healthy and these quick and easy recipe book is a savior. 26 quick recipes for every individual to stay healthy and fit.

About the author: Being a homeopathic therapist by profession and a writer and blogger by passion, Surbhi shares her health, parenting, kids’ activities on her blog Surbhiprapanna.com

To download: Click here

6. Easy Indian Fusion Cooking by Harjeet Kaur

Nothing can beat Indian food and cuisine, but what if you have an easy and quick recipe to cook Indian fusion? From breakfast till dinner all recipes are interesting and with ingredients. I have got my copy, and it’s time for you to grab yours.

About the Author: Coming to this book from an author who is busy grandmamma and loves to cook for family and share her all jugad recipe with all of us.

To download: Click here

7. Trapped in heaven and other stories by Mayura Amarkant

Love stories hold their own charm and this book is filled with 9 such stories of love and relationship. Book must download if you love to read love stories.

About the Author: Blogger, entrepreneur and a wonderful person, Mayura Amarkant shares her thoughts in her blog diaryofaninsanewriter.com

To download: Click Here

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Ruchi Verma

Certified parenting teen practitioner, multiple Award winner, mother of two active kids believes in sharing the right source of information to readers which could help them in every possible way!!

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  1. Thank you so much for featuring my ebook, it means a lot. I am also amazed by the other books and most are on my TBR.

    1. The list is great, picking up 7 out of 63 Ebooks is a task in itself. I am reading a couple of them currently. going by your list will put the others in my to be read list too.

  2. Thanks a lot Ruchie for mentioning my book. it means a lot to me. I am so glad your liked it.

  3. Thank you for sharing this list. I would love to read all of them. As a food Blogger, I will start with ,
    Easy Indian Fusion Cooking by Harjeet Kaur and Healthy eating for busy moms by Dr. Surbhi Prapanna.

  4. I have already downloaded some of these books, especially the grandchildren one which has intrigued me. Thanks for sharing a wider list.

  5. Thank you for the list. I have read most of their posts and yes, your list is worth sharing with others. All entries were equally good but we all have our favorites. Very soon I will start reviewing a couple of my favorites.

  6. What an amazing selection of books and so happy to see so many familiar names in the list. Love the bright covers and can’t wait to read them.

  7. Thanks a lot sweetheart for featuring my book in your precious space, means a lot love.

  8. Thank you for this recommendation, I have a feeling my weekend is sorted now. I absolutely loved reading Dipika’s book.

  9. These are some wonderful suggestions. With all the interesting topics you menationed, I am honestly confused which one to read first.

  10. I have read just one the list, through a downloaded lot. I also loved reading Unlocked- Historic tales in verses by Sonia.

  11. Great that you listed this. I have already downloaded two ebooks from this list. Will check out more. Excited to read some amazing work.

  12. Blogchatter Ebook Carnival has an eclectic mix of books and I’ve been meaning to read quite a few. Thanks for this comprehensive list of suggestions.

  13. Every year I get amazed to see so many bloggers turn into authors when they publish their books with Blogchatter Ebook Carnival, even I published my travel book last year. Thanks for sharing your favourite 7 books from the lot.

  14. These are like a good collection to read during this lockdown period. The variety dis
    poses to cater the needs of the now period assuredly.

  15. Thanks for listing MUST-READ BOOKS FROM #BLOGCHATTEREBOOK 2020 LIBRARY. Love to read Healthy eating for busy moms by Dr. Surbhi Prapanna and atoz of kids crafts by kinshoo

  16. I really liked all the ebooks you recommended
    Ruchi and I downloaded all of them ?.This is a lovely way to encourage authors to write more and better.Thanks for this.

  17. Oh man my book missed to be on your list.. Sad.. but this is a great list for sure.. Especially Dipika and Mayura’s book.

    1. I read few books till the time.. do share the link I will sure check gal

  18. All these authors are fantastic bloggers as well. I am in an august company here. So glad about their ebooks. I have been able to read only 3 thus far. I will catch up for sure.

  19. All the books are surely making way to my reading lists too. I liked that you have picked books from all genres and these authors have done excellent job by keeping their souls into it.

  20. This is an amazing list, I am sure these 9 ebooks are simply amazing, I have read some from Roma’s ebook, hope to finish it soon.

  21. These are some really good ebooks that have come up as the result of the A to Z and Bogchatters initiative and encouragement. Loved the food books too. I will check them out.

  22. All the writers have launched some great topics through their ebooks. I have downloaded few of these and would be reading them soon.

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