Home workout during a lockdown: What you can do!

Home Workout

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Health and fitness have made a new definition amidst lockdown. From gyms and wellness centers, the fight against coronavirus has trained million of us to look inwards and take fitness as an at-home advent.

Juggling between Zoom meetings, webinars, household chores, and social media activities – the lockdown has kept us navigating through the home workout exercises for personal fitness. And it isn’t just about physical fitness but also about finding sanity in troubled times, emotional wellbeing and mental wellness too.

On a personal level, I have experienced that walking to the gym and maintaining a schedule was good, but the fitness industry has grown to make fitness a marvelous journey with the help of best home workout apps, training sessions, and supplements such as from this supplement company to keep you as healthy as possible during training. Gym trainers, fitness enthusiasts, and yoga trainers have all come together to make fitness a wholesome experience in a tech-oriented environment.

While my quarantine workout revolves around my kids and me experimenting with unique forms of workout, here are some ideas on you can make fitness a part of your lifestyle during this lockdown.

Pump up at a cardio session

A cardio session involves Fastrack movements that keep your heart racing and boost stamina. As we cannot hop on a treadmill or cross-trainers during the lockdown, it’s time to shift to alternative cardio workouts at home. I have been joining online trainers for dance fitness classes like Zumba, Aerobics, etc to make for a fun and high-energy cardio session.

Home Workout
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It doesn’t just leave me panting for breath but also teaches me the finer art of dancing on new trendy tracks. After 30 minutes of dance and sweat, I am always left with freshness and a sense of achievement.

Tabata Workout

If you aren’t someone to follow the age-old fitness tricks, Tabata is one of the trendiest workout routines to melt away your fat. It is a proven weight loss workout technique that involves high-intensity interval training with bouts of cardio and fat burning exercises.

One of my fav Video for Tabata Workout

A Tabata Workout mostly designed around 4-8 minutes of schedule, but these are the longest minutes to experience in a day. 20 seconds of hardcore exercise and 10 seconds of breathing–the Tabata Workout is a promise to lose weight even with a sedentary lifestyle.

Strength and Conditioning

For all-round fitness, it is important to pair your cardio session with strength and conditioning. If you want to go for an alternate day, schedule it works the best, but it bound a little strength and conditioning daily to strengthen you each day.

Plank, push-ups, lunges, chest workout and abs workout form part of strength and conditioning with twists to make it work on different muscles and core. Follow a session from a celebrity fitness trainer on a fitness app or just take routine through popular fitness enthusiasts to build up muscles and core.

Yoga and Meditation

Yoga, the art of aligning the body, mind, and soul is the ultimate form of fitness and wellness exercise. Vivid asanas are designed to boost physical fitness, mental wellness, and emotional balance with utmost precision.

Home Workout

From breathing techniques like pranayama, Dhyana practices of Meditation to intense asanas that strengthen the core and build up muscles – even 40 minutes of yoga daily can help you combat stress, attain fitness, restore sleep and stay healthy from within.

From Tabata to Yoga and dance fitness–I have been hopping from one workout to another to keep my excitement and fitness levels high during the lockdown. If you haven’t already, it’s time to experiment with workout and make fitness a part of your life–even during lockdown! Which home workout are you going to try?

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  1. Noor Anand Chawla

    Comprehensive post Ruchi! Thanks for including the links, will definitely check them out.

  2. I am a big fitness freak who loves to visit the gym every day. Since this horrible pandemic happened all the gyms are closed. Thank you so much for sharing useful Tabata fitness app. Will definitely use this app.

  3. Wow these are all that you did during the lockdown? Amazing! I didn’t even dance once and I’m horrified that I wasted that time doing everything else but dance.

  4. When lockdown started in India, this was one of the concerns of many of my friends who have a trainer. But today we have so many resources available on internet that we can easily start with that and keep the exercise routine intact.

  5. All these options are really great. for me, yoga always work great. it is not only good for physical health but reduces mental tension as well. tabata is a new term to me, thanks for introducing dear, will check out this for sure.

  6. Now that we are all cooped up at home we have no options but to workout at home too. I have been checking out apps that guide me to workout right too. Checking out the links you shared.

  7. True definition of workout has changed in lockdown buddy. I am so fascinated to read about Tabata will try it for sure

  8. I have saved this post as I am sure this will come very handy. I am taking baby steps towards yoga and meditation and hopefully, by the end of this lockdown, I will be able to meditate for a longer period of time.

  9. This is such a motivating article. I have been wanting to take up exercising at home too. Will surely check out this Tabata Workout

  10. An exhaustive list of options available Ruchi! If I can add, have you ever tried Walk with Lessie. I have to check out the links you shared.

  11. Thanks for sharing this Ruchie. I started home work out last week but couldn’t find good videos that would give me that push. I will check out your list. Hopefully these will help.

  12. Good compilation. yoga, cardio everything you have listed. our lives have changed for ever after COVID19, so getting used to home workouts is going to stay.

  13. Home workouts are the best and I’ve been doing them for quite a few years now. This lockdown has helped me set a good routine. Will check out the links.

  14. When the lockdown was announced, my whole schedule went for a toss, all I was doing was spending my time in the kitchen trying my hands on creative cooking. I am yet to set a workout routine for myself, I personally like aerobics, it works really well for me.

  15. It is the need of the hour to be aware of self-health and routine discipline about exercise and sticking to complete the goal. Well written blog.

  16. Thanks for sharing so many forms of workout that we can try while staying at home. Cardio is good way of loosing weight. Tabata is new to me.

  17. Meditation helps make life better.To grow calmer and focused.Thus lockdown was a chance to look inside.These are great ideas to stay healthy happy.

  18. That’s very helpful Ruchi.. The only thing that I am adding religiously during the lockdown is weight. SO I am trying out this Tabata workout for sure..

  19. I am quite lazy in doing exercises but one thing that I follow religiously is yoga and meditation. That helps me to calm my nerve and remain sane during this lockdown period

  20. Tabata is the best mix of strength, power and cardio! I love it. Burns max calories too. Loved your home workout options. Thanks for sharing.

  21. Yoga and strength building is on my list, and end it with a good stretching session. I have not tried Tabata, would love to try it. I am glad I came across this post

  22. Workout is must during Lockdown and recently I too joined online classes for workout so that I stay fir and happy. I liked all the pointers in the post, shall check Tabata workout with kids.

  23. You have mentioned some really good tips. With so many things going on and having to do so much of chores, I am just not getting any motivation to do any workout. I must take cue from this though!

  24. Workout is necessary for a fit and healthy body. I prefer doing walk, plants, squats and little cardio every day to stay healthy.

  25. Nice post. Thanks for the guidance. I have been wanting to practice these exercises at home. Will surely check them out.

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