Wiggle your dreams

Dreams!! Dreams !! Dreams !! 

Yes, being a true Gemini I am a big dreamer rather day dreamer too… When I was too small my parents always told me ” Don’t stop dreaming as a person who dares to dream can only fulfill dreams” and I dared and till today I daily dream like a small child.

Dreaming is not bad but, how you achieve that is important. Sometimes I really forget what I wished for but now I got something which can really store my dreams. 

MATRIKAS derives from the Sanskrit word for ” MOTHER “, denoting the powerful energies, and when such positive energy paper product brand is coming up with “CREATIVE WOMAN JOURNAL” I just can’t stop myself grabbing one and sharing my review for all my wonderful readers. 

Woman’s Journal ( BUTTERFLY ): TO DREAM

This journal is perfect for me to store my dreams as it is as beautiful as my dreams. 

Let me quickly tell you first impression with this my dream journal “AMAZING” it’s special cover material looks awesome with rounded corners but it’s natural colored pages just made me wiggle my pen my first positive thought which I read somewhere and found apt to start this journey of wiggling my dreams with a butterfly. 

One step at a time, I get to make positive choices to fulfill my dreams 

The inside pages where I found many other amazing things like more plain sheets which are like for me a stress buster and my coloring pens started shouting time for us to wiggle here.

And one thought which I got from my mother I quickly scribbled here 

I want to be like a SUNFLOWER even on the darkest day 

I will stand tall and find the SUNLIGHT

Well, the surprises by this journal don’t end here like my dreams. Along with plain pages to scribble my heart, 8 adult coloring sheets to make your day more colorful as all coloring pages are inspired by nature and I was happy to see one page with dream … wanna see which lovely picture made me happy!! 

Flowers, flowers, and flowers!!!!!

Wait !! Wait!! if you thought it’s all about this journal …no there are more things like you can wiggle your “TO READ BOOK LIST” “PLACES YOU DREAM TO VISIT LIST ” and above all what my phone does frequently formatting and I loose my contacts so I can note down important numbers and addresses which also reminded me how I used to make my scrapbook and telephone directory at school time to just be in touch with my friends …

One more special edition in this journal refreshed my mood is that it has sticker pages with different stickers which I can use writing my heart out !!

Apart from all this 3 more things: Pouch on the back cover to keep your little notes, Elastic for safe locking and Pen holder is again it’s great USP.

Size of this Journal is 148 X 205 MM

Other than this 3 amazing journal they have for creative woman 

Fish- To Glide

Feather- To Write

Dragonfly- To fly

Check more detail about it, visit here

Thanks a lot Matrikas for giving life to my dreams. I got my dream catcher now my turn to make them true one by one !!



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