23rd April 2017, when full India was getting tired of heat and pricking heat FBB planned something which is like a cool breeze in this summer and celebrated #WorldShortsDay with the most trending hashtag on social media #DropThePants. 


On social media, FBB opened their #DropThePants registration and once you register there loyal customers got EGV and from that, on 23rd they purchased shorts and while billing mentioned their mobile number which is registered on the FB. 

And guess. lucky winner will win a free trip to GOA for 2. 

Wow!! This is one amazing part but this campaign went viral with fun filled video launch of same by VIR DAS. 

Whats In the store??

WigglingPen Decided to visit the store and check the collection on this day and I was really amazed by fantastic collection. 

Ladies Section: 

Ladies section was filled with great stuff just for all fashionistas who want some breathe from this heat.

Starting range: 499/- ONLY

Kids Section: 

I am impressed and picked up some amazing stuff for my both kids as the collection was amazing, good quality and in the pocket.


Kids section they also have range of shorts starting with 299/- 

My daughter got crazy and picked few for this summer and my little showstopper enjoyed too in this great short!!

Men’s Section:

OMG!! this section has so much of variety and great stuff from lowest as 299/- to 799/- Rs, a great collection which made my hubby pick few and said let me try more and buy. 

My whole family is all set to enjoy summer and we took the challenge to #DropThePants and picked up shorts for this summer to make us cool and enjoy more. 

Wonderful part of today was whole store staff was dressed in Shorts and took the challenge to #DropThePants and chill this freaking summer. 

Check out this full coverage and tell me in comment section 

How are you planning to #BeatTheHeat ? Do you dare to #DropThePants??


Store Location: FBB , Majhiwada , Thane(w), Mumbai


Ruchi Verma

Certified parenting teen practitioner, multiple Award winner, mother of two active kids believes in sharing the right source of information to readers which could help them in every possible way!!

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  1. This looks so cool! And yes men’s collection of FBB is super amazing!

    1. Thanks a lot Ankita for visiting on my blog 🙂 Yes !! Men’s collection is awesome..but I loved kids too <3

  2. The kids shorts are so cute! And finally, a full blown shorts section for women too…Yay!

    1. Hey Thanks Lata for hopping here … yup kids section is amazing and they have even superb collection in new borns

  3. I will check out next time when I visit them, collection is looking nice. For me, everyday is shorts day only.

    1. Yes Pooja!! Must try their new collection, shorts and one piece dress too have good deals !!

  4. Oh hey, this is a cool option for my boys! Beat the heat with wearing shorts. Good idea. I’m gonna look for these soon.

    1. For Boys oh ya !! they have wide range for them …do let me know what u bought for your champs !!

  5. Hot weather so big yes from me for this day!!! I loved the styles you showcased here…

    1. Oh glad you liked it dear 🙂 yes in this hot weather this is something most chilling thing 🙂

  6. Ooooo… I am going there today after all your posts and pick up some shorts for he kids. Love this post ???

    1. Thanks Veena !!! Great my post inspired you for shopping …hehehe I always try to find reason for same.. let me know your shopping bucket 🙂

  7. Wow this is so cool!! Definitely required to beat the heat

    1. Yes!! Much needed and thanks to FBB they have given this 🙂

  8. Ruchi, I absolutely enjoy reading each and every blogpost by you! The video was awesome. Had super fun watching it. Look forward to more amazing stuff :*

    1. Thanks Neha for liking this … Yes I loved making this video ..promise to give something more interesting next time

  9. Collections looks a must try. Was looking for your lovely pic.

    1. Jiya I was tempted to try more shorts but this time resist myself and give my viewers some other looks …don’t worry I don’t miss chance to be in camera 🙂

  10. Ruchie this is really cool in this summer. The wonderful family is ready in the shorts to chill at Goa beaches.???

    1. Yes Jigna !! All set just tickets are waiting 😉

  11. This is super duper cool!!
    You should have tried some looks on urself too! Loved the post!! Keep rocking!!

    Loads of Love

    1. Thanks Jigna !! I really wanted to try some but just wanted to give my readers some different face and looks 🙂

  12. though i didnt like the name drop the pants…but then this entire theme looks so refreshing and fun… i wish i participated a won a ticket to Goa


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