Painful tears

It was a dark night outside and roadways bus was moving slowly towards Vaidehi’s village. After 5 long years she decided to visit her parents after her father accepted her 4 year old Mishti …

Vaidehi was laughing and talking to her little lifeline trying to cover her fear of darkness in that bus which was crowded with all sort of gentry.

Lady sitting next to her asked her time and with shaking voice she said 10:30 pm and her most unwanted flashback of life started rolling in front of her eyes which she was trying to forget from last 4 years with Misthi after her parents aboarden both of them.

This is same fear which she faced 5 years ago when she was returning from Delhi after her graduation examination and that night turned out a nightmare for her when she was dragged by 3 men, she was shouting for help and no one came forward to help her as those 3 was carrying weapons and warned all not to interfere, they dragged her towards dark field.. she was crying, pleading and saying sorry again and again … but they doesn’t listen to her and raped her only saying “This is going to be a lesson for other girls in village”

Sudden break of bus brought her back from that nightmare and she got down from the bus and started waiting for some other conveyance, rickshaw or tanga which can drop her to her parents house and saw little light from a distance coming towards her. She holded Misthi’s hand and started walking fast but that light was still followed her and one known voice stopped her feet “Stop Vaidehi !! “

She turned & saw her father was standing tears in eyes to take her and Misthi home.

Early morning she got up with school bell which was a big surprise for her. She asked her mother “How’s this school in our village?”

Her mother told “Your father made this school on your name, because we dared to teach you, send you out of this village for studies , that incident happened with you as those some people never wanted girls of our village to be educated, your father was broken when it happened but the day you took decision to give birth to Misthi, child whom you conceived because of that unwanted incident RAPE, your father has thrown you out of house but not from heart and decided to educate every girl child in village and opened this school and today every person of this village is appreciating and joined hands with him. “

Vaidehi in tears just hugged her mom and said “I want Misthi to study here and be stronger, please give her same upbringing to fight this world “


Ruchi Verma

Certified parenting teen practitioner, multiple Award winner, mother of two active kids believes in sharing the right source of information to readers which could help them in every possible way!!

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