It was a dark night out­side and road­ways bus was mov­ing slow­ly towards Vaidehi’s vil­lage. After 5 long years she decid­ed to vis­it her par­ents after her father accept­ed her 4 year old Mishti …

Vaide­hi was laugh­ing and talk­ing to her lit­tle life­line try­ing to cov­er her fear of dark­ness in that bus which was crowd­ed with all sort of gen­try.

Lady sit­ting next to her asked her time and with shak­ing voice she said 10:30 pm and her most unwant­ed flash­back of life start­ed rolling in front of her eyes which she was try­ing to for­get from last 4 years with Mis­thi after her par­ents aboar­d­en both of them.

This is same fear which she faced 5 years ago when she was return­ing from Del­hi after her grad­u­a­tion exam­i­na­tion and that night turned out a night­mare for her when she was dragged by 3 men, she was shout­ing for help and no one came for­ward to help her as those 3 was car­ry­ing weapons and warned all not to inter­fere, they dragged her towards dark field.. she was cry­ing, plead­ing and say­ing sor­ry again and again … but they doesn’t lis­ten to her and raped her only say­ing “This is going to be a lesson for oth­er girls in vil­lage”

Sud­den break of bus brought her back from that night­mare and she got down from the bus and start­ed wait­ing for some oth­er con­veyance, rick­shaw or tan­ga which can drop her to her par­ents house and saw lit­tle light from a dis­tance com­ing towards her. She hold­ed Misthi’s hand and start­ed walk­ing fast but that light was still fol­lowed her and one known voice stopped her feet “Stop Vaide­hi !! ”

She turned & saw her father was stand­ing tears in eyes to take her and Mis­thi home.

Ear­ly morn­ing she got up with school bell which was a big sur­prise for her. She asked her moth­er “How’s this school in our vil­lage?”

Her moth­er told “Your father made this school on your name, because we dared to teach you, send you out of this vil­lage for stud­ies , that inci­dent hap­pened with you as those some peo­ple nev­er want­ed girls of our vil­lage to be edu­cat­ed, your father was bro­ken when it hap­pened but the day you took deci­sion to give birth to Mis­thi, child whom you con­ceived because of that unwant­ed inci­dent RAPE, your father has thrown you out of house but not from heart and decid­ed to edu­cate every girl child in vil­lage and opened this school and today every per­son of this vil­lage is appre­ci­at­ing and joined hands with him. ”

Vaide­hi in tears just hugged her mom and said “I want Mis­thi to study here and be stronger, please give her same upbring­ing to fight this world ”

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