When I got to know about Mama Earth products was really curious to know more details about it. 

Mama Earth is a gift for every mom from a mom, this is the way I looked it. 

Mama Earth is a baby of Ghazal and Varun who thought about gifting products which are safe and toxin free.

So, Mama Earth is born from a parent to all the wonderful parents of the world !!

As a mother of 2 naughty kids I really feel sometimes that I ignore myself & take myself for granted in terms of taking care.

When I received wonderful products from Mama Earth, I really felt amazingly surprised to read the contents.

Oh! Let me take you towards products which will give you clear picture about what I am talking about.

Mama Earth range of products


Some products just steal your heart and one such product from Mama Earth 

1. Mama Earth Calming Body wash: 

Mama Earth Calming Body wash

Handling 2 kids at a time is one of the most tiring job and when I enter in bathroom I feel myself as a robot to finish my bath and comeback fast as my little one starts crying . I received this product alongwith other two at my mama ‘s place when I was enjoying my summer vacation and then I got something really realaxing and Calming.

With double bottle cap dispenser which I really loved this product will surely one of best with its relaxing fragrance. I felt like having a luxurious spa with chemical free body wash and best part is its ingredients which is all natural.

IngredientIngredient typeWhere its fromHow it helps
Purified WaterNaturalWaterDilutent
Decyl GlucosideNaturalFatty acids from CoconutFoaming agent
Sodium Cocoyl IsethionateNaturalCoconut OilFoaming agent
Sodium cocoamphodiacetateNaturalCoconut OilFoaming agent
Tocopheryl AcetateNaturalVitamin EAntioxidant, Skin Conditioning
AllentoinNaturalRoots of Comfrey plantSkin soother
Aloe Vera ExtractNaturalAloe veraSkin soothing, Humectant
Vegetable GlycerinNaturalCoconut OilSkin protectant, Humactant
Xanthan gumNaturalSugar derived from CornThickening agent
Geranium Essential OilNaturalStems and leaves of geranium plantCleansing agent
Potassium SorbateSyntheticSorbic acidPreservative

200 ml is available for just Rs 349/-

I will rate this 5/5 ?????

2. Mama Earth Argan Hair Mask : 

Mama Earth Argan Hair Mask

Well post pregnancy hair fall is major problem and I also faced this. Argan Hair Mask is one solution by MAMA EARTH which is again comes with amazing packing with a wide mouth for hassle free applying. 

This Mask reduces hair fall, repairs hair damage and even cleanse and soothes scalp. 

I am using this product from last 10 days and found good hair improvement. Let me quickly tell you what ingredients making this product more valuable.

IngredientIngredient typeWhere its fromHow it helps
Purified WaterNaturalWaterDilutent
Milk ProteinNaturalMilkHair strengthener
Curd ExtractNaturalCurdHair strengthener
Argan OilNaturalFruit of native Argan treeHair Conditioner, Reduces Split-ends
Rosemary OilNaturalLeaves of rosemary plantStimulates Hair Growth
Cedarwood OilNaturalWood pieces of cedarwood treeAntibacterial, Fungicide
Tea Tree OilNaturalMelaleuca oilAntibacterial, Antimicrobial
Sodium CitrateSyntheticSour saltPreservative
Brassica AlcoholNaturalRapeseedHair Conditioner
Brassicamidopropyl DimethylamineNaturalRapeseedHair Conditioner
Caprylic Capric Tri GlycerideNaturalCoconut oil and GlycerinEmollient, Solvent
Hydrolysed CollagenNaturalProtienHair strengthener
Sodium HyaluronateNaturalSodium salt of hyaluronic acidHair strengthener
Potassium SorbateSyntheticSorbic acidPreservative

200ml ~ 599 Rs /- and it worth as product quantity is really good.

I will rate it 4/5 as still using it and looking for little more improvement in my hair !! ????

Buy NOW here


3. Mama Earth Nourishing Body lotion : 

Mama Earth Nourishing Body lotion

This product again took away my heart with its fragrance and ingredients like Aloe Vera, Shea butter, cocoa butter and geranium essential oil. Packing again with double cap dispenser which would be easy to carry along in travelling. Ingredients you will fall in love ??

IngredientIngredient typeWhere its fromHow it helps
Purified WaterNaturalWaterDilutent
Caprylic Capric Tri GlycerideNaturalCoconut oil and GlycerinEmollient, Solvent
Wheatgerm OilNaturalWheat grainsSkin Nourisher
Olive OilNaturalExtra virgin Olive oilSkin nourishing
Cocoa butterNaturalCocoa beansSkin moisturiser
Shea ButterNatuiralShea nutsSkin moisturiser, Emollient
Jojoba OilNaturalJojoba seedsSkin Nourisher
Glyceryl StearateNaturalGlycerinEmulsifier, Thickener
Sorbitan OlivateNaturalOlive OilEmulsifier
Tocopheryl AcetateNaturalVitamin EAntioxidant, Skin Conditioning
Calendula ExtractNaturalCalendula flower extractsSkin Soother
Aloe Vera ExtractNaturalAloe veraSkin soothing, Humectant
Potassium SorbateSyntheticSorbic acidPreservative
Cetyl AlcoholNaturalCoconut fatty alcoholThickener, Emulsifier
Geranium Essential OilNaturalStems and leaves of geranium plantSkin Soother


For its fragrance and amazing feel good factor I give it 5/5 ?????

200 ml is available at 349Rs/- 

Disclaimer: Review is totally with my experience after using these products!!


Ruchi Verma

Certified parenting teen practitioner, multiple Award winner, mother of two active kids believes in sharing the right source of information to readers which could help them in every possible way!!

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  1. Nice products!!

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    I haven’t tried Mama Earth for myself yet But I would like to try the hair mask.

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  12. Awe­some post Ruchi…found your detailed blog very infor­ma­tive. Loved Mama Earth Argan hair mask as it chem­i­cal free, some­thing that mat­ters a lot to me ? ..start­ed using it…just few appli­ca­tions but find it effec­tive for dry and frizzy hair..:)

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