What are Domestic Air travel guidelines?

Domestic Air travel guidelines

Traveling is something we all are missing a lot. My mother who stays alone in Lucknow and my in-laws in Prayagraj definitely stayed strong during this pandemic time but I really wish to travel and reach once there to see them.

Recently, due to some personal emergency when my husband decided to travel and meet them, we enquired about the Domestic Air travel guidelines. It’s important to follow the Government Guideline to travel in India.

Domestic Air travel guidelines

Basic Domestic Air travel Guidelines

1. Arogya Setu app on the mobile of all passengers is advisable.
2. While boarding and travel it is important that every passenger maintain proper hygiene and shall use face mask/shields and gloves.
3. Thermal screening at entry and exit points is mandatory.
4. If any passenger found symptomatic will be isolated and taken to the nearest health facility.
5. A passenger who will have middle seat in the flight will be given PPE kit which needs to be worn for the entire journey.
6. Reporting time from 2 hours to 4 hours before departure.
7. Web check-in compulsory along with Baggage Tag.
8. Only 1 check-in & 1 cabin bag allowed.

These are some basic guidelines given by the Government on which States can also develop their own protocol with regards to quarantine and isolation according to their assessment.

Yes, we all are missing traveling but, need to follow guidelines and if very important and nonavoidable then only travel. Make sure you take care if traveling with infants, kids and senior citizens.

I am major missing traveling …check out my travel memories …

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Disclaimer: Please check out the rules and regulations from the state and central government before traveling.

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Author: Ruchi Verma
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38 thoughts on “What are Domestic Air travel guidelines?

  1. The travelling rules are meant for people who are really wanting to travel. I don’t know when many will travel again like this. With the fright that they may contract the virus from another place.

  2. Very true Ruchi Travel is something which is badly missing by everyone during this crisis…traveling reenergize me to work rest of the entire year happily till we get ready for next vacation break. Thanks for sharing such an useful guidelines regarding safe domestic travel.

  3. Wow Ruchi, this travelling guide is the go-to essential before making all the travel plans. It is indeed very helpful for all those who are willing to travel during this pandemic. As for me, I can’t move out before next March-April(delivery dates are near, you see!)

    Anyways, awesome post. Sharing it right away with my travel loving friends.

  4. I just hope I can travel soon to visit my parents. It has already been over a year now as I last met them during 2019 summers. The travel guidelines will surely be helpful. Thanks for sharing, Ruchi.

  5. Yes, Ruchi, we are really missing our traveling. Even I find it difficult to travel near by places too.? Thank you very much for sharing this Govt. guidelines. Hope this pandemic will end soon n we can have fearless travel.

  6. yes travelling during this pandemic time is stressful and knowing all guidelines and taking care of each aspect is must to stay safe while travel. thanks a lot dear for sharing all these important guidelines, will help all of us to travel safe during pandemic time.

  7. I agree with you that if you are travelling in current times then you should follow all guidelines given by the government. If you are healthy you are happy and be able to travel more confidently in future.

  8. Very informative and essential post. One needs to be well aware of all the guidelines provided as that’s the best way to make your travel hassle-free and safe. This lost will surely help who are travelling during this pandemic time.

  9. This is a really useful post, I loved how all my questions got answered in this one post. Very informative. I am going to keep this post handy for my next trip.

  10. Thanks for sharing this informative post on domestic air travel, Ruchi. It’s important that we follow the Government’s guidelines for traveling to avoid unnecessary stress. I agree with you, we should travel only if it’s an emergency situation.

  11. These are very important tips to help in smooth travelling these days. Not sure, when we will all be travelling freely, I guess few of these guidelines might become a norm in post covid world.

  12. I am most definitely missing traveling, and while I understand the need to stay at home in the current scenario, i definitely appreciate that emergency travel has opened up. Reading this post I feel the guidelines are fairly easy to follow and practical precautions.

  13. I am missing travel so much! However, I am so scared to travel now….it will be a while till I muster the courage for domestic or international travel.
    Thank you for this wonderful challenge, Ruchi – I am glad to be part of it. Warm hugs.

  14. I am missing travelling badly too. I am huge plans this summer to finally go out because last 2 years it wasn’t possible much however, all plans are trashed till things become normal. I am glad you shared these points in case someone has to travel we must all adhere to this for benefit of all.

  15. All these guidelines mentioned in your blog are compulsory and very important for our safety. Some of these are even being followed for poeple going to offices regularly. Great share! I hope your families are doing really well. Even we want to meet my in-laws since it’s been a long time.

  16. I was searching the Domestic travel deadlines recently for a friend. Thanks a lot for writing this, Ruchi. Will bookmark this blog post for future!

  17. Thanks for sharing this Ruchi. This year has been a year that everyone would want to delete from their memory. Travel plans are out of the doors and maintaining so many guidelines for travel pull back people from making any plans.

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