Kulfi aka Aakriti with dreams.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala, one of the most loved and beautiful shows on Indian television which recently got over. A girl who played Kulfi is loved and praised by all. The small little daughter of Nimrat from the village Chirori took away everyone’s heart.

The real name of Kulfi is Aakriti Sharma, she is one of the youngest child actresses who turned to double-digit 10 years old a couple of days back from Haryana. This little wonder is winning the hearts by her talent and is known face of Indian television today.

Little wonder Aakriti has won many awards for her performances and she feels happy that her hard work is noticed in this small time she shared that “I loved working in this serial although it’s my first serial my parents and director of the show helps me a lot “

Her parent’s constant support during the auditions or traveling one place to another place for shoot helped her to live her dreams.

This show was her first serial on television but she faced and appeared in many other commercials before.

One thing which should not be suffered is their studies when I asked Aakriti how she managed that she told “ I did study daily, especially during shoot break I complete my assignments, my mom helped me to complete studies

Fond of Indian food mainly Rajma chawal , Kadhi chawal and Chinese food aakriti do miss her co actors and daily shoots as they are her second family.

You can follow Aakriti on Instagram and check out her Youtube channel too.

As she says “Blessings can do wonders and hard work make you achieve your dreams” we wish Aakriti aka Kulfi a wonder child all success and more accolades for the future.

Pic: Shared by Aakriti’s Mom

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  1. I haven’t watched the show but I have seen Aakriti’s pics. I agree she is very sweet. Whenever I see young talents, I wonder how much talented kids are these days .

  2. I had watched that series and loved the work of this little girl. It was really interesting to know more about her and I m impressed with the fact that akruti managing her studies well along with acting carrier.

  3. Kulfi aka Aakriti is my fav favourite too. Seeing that child gets goodness of both the world is a great balance her parents are doing. Her dream will surely 6fulfilled.

  4. I am not a regular watcher but did watch this show once or twice.. She is really cute and adorable. Kids are really talented if given a chance to showcase their talent.

  5. I really admire this cute kid and marvel her acting skills. I am now following her on Instagram and YouTube.

  6. Oh we used to watch this on hotstar till last year and then when they lost their home it kind of got too sad. Haven’t watched it after those episodes. I should. My daughter and I used to enjoy watching her.

  7. Good to know about Kulfi . glad she is able to keep up with her studies along with shoots with the help of her parents. Best wishes to her.

  8. Very proud of her! I watched this serial and she is a superb actor, her acting skill is superb! Lots of best wishes, love and hugs for her future assignments.

  9. I’ve seen her show a bit and yes she is a very talented child artist and her work speaks for herself. She has a long way to go in this journey of hers as she is great with her work

  10. I have seen this kulfi serial and it’s really fun to watch with kids also I really like this character of kulfi and such positive vibes she is spreads all over with good deeds and good work

  11. Aakriti is not only cute but a good actor for her age too. My in-laws watched her show religiously and I caught a few episodes with them. Amazing talent!

  12. Aakriti has really portrayed the character of Kulfi Kumar very well. Because of which she has found a place in all our hearts.. Kudos to you baccha..

  13. I’ve watched kulfi Kumar Bajewala, indeed love acting of kulfi aka aakriti. She has done a fantabulos performance. Would check her YouTube channel

  14. Its a very popular face coz i have seen her on many ad films also. Such kids are really talented and they know how to balance between work and study. Will checkout her insta page.

  15. It’s very impressive to see kids nowadays managing their talents and their studies simultaneously. I have seen this show and I really found her very sweet in it.

  16. Glad to know about this young actor and her inspirational dreams we all need you like her to give our inspiration and inspire to do something good in life

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