Veere are for life ….not for days!!


If you have true Veere in life you are blessed, I read somewhere on social media that “If you are friends for more than 7 years, you are no more friends …you are family”.

Friendship is a beautiful relationship which we carry from our childhood till life. I feel blessed that I have few such relations in life since from my nursery till now I have few such friends. 

Read more about my Jahlli friend to my partner in crime friend.

I recently watched much-talked film on social media with mixed review Veere di wedding. 


It’s actually Veere time

I went with my veere and we had a great time with A ranking kids under 18 years are not allowed to watch the film “No idea how this will be controlled when it will be telecast on Indian television in few months“. 

As a mother, I will also not allow my daughter to watch this movie, only because the slang language which is used I don’t feel comfortable my kids to watch.

I simply loved the bond between four girls which reminded me, my friends circle from school then college. “Absolutely, I pinged them and told them to must watch this“.

This is actually telling some true reality of life … When I saw Neena Gupta who played Sonam’s Mom in the film, felt that yes this is so true that every single mom in India is worried about her daughter marriage.

Posting profile on matrimonial sites is actually done by every parent or looking for a perfect match in every wedding ceremony. Neena Gupta reminded me many mommies in my family. 

Even Shikha Talsania as Meera Sood given justice to the role as and what many married women feel and go in her marriage post delivery. The bond between Meera and her little one is so adorable.

Sonam Kapoor and Kareena look stunning in every outfit…I loved their costumes and trust me their full-on fun and masti. 

There are kids in our country who really feel discomfort getting into a relationship because of their parent’s broken relationship and this is what Kareena played so well.

I saw some of the people trolling and mentioning on social media about girls in the movie getting drunk and using slang, but I really feel bad as people share different viewpoint when it comes to women. If in Dil Chahta Hai, three boys go and get drunk and flirt with girls it’s cool but same is not applicable to women.

Veere shares not only joy and happiness but also hard and tough times too. 

I feel this is full of the fun movie for every friend who is their for friends to hear their heart out and support them in every situation. Every film is marked a special place in Bollywood and in the girly friend’s zone.

End of the day, this is a film which is there for perfect entertainment and we should watch and enjoy if we like. 

Do you have such girly circle? Does this family remind you any friend circle? Do let me know in comment section!!!

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  1. Ruchie, I too liked the movie…hue n cry is more on social media channels far away from reality. Friends can watch together. Full masti on

  2. Such a lovely post.. and a good review too. I had heard such mixed reviews that was in 2 minds, but now will definitely watch this movie. Yes, have some friends who have been around for more than 7 years, and you are so right, they feel (& behave) like family! ?

    Thanks for hosting the #OpenNTalk.
    I have met such wonderful people in my group of #NISSAtalks which would not have been possible without your initiative ::)

  3. I am yet to watch this movie. The mixed reaction for this flick is making me more eager to watch it as soon as possible. Thanks for bringing the positive sides of the movie. #OpenNTalk #BlogAMile

  4. Well, a valiant effort on your part. Keep it up.
    Just a couple of things that I want to mention:
    1. Some blogs where I commented did not allow my comment to go through. I guess I was not praising outright but a blogger needs to take a bit of well-meaning criticism sportingly.
    2. The posts adjudged as top three in Week 1 did have quite a few competing posts that were far more insightful, expressive, and had something unique to say. The parameters for judgements needs to be very transparent and clear. Just considering tweet record is naive.
    3. In case a hashtag has to be suggested for a week, it has to be done at least two days before the new week starts.


    Arvind Passey

    1. Hi!!
      Thanks for being a part of #OpenNTalk. As you mentioned maybe some bloggers are not in a state of mind accepting criticism which actually we all should as I learned a lot from that.
      Top 3 of week 1 is definitely not on basis of their content of the post as we are mentioning this from starting that winner of the league will be the team which will have MAX ENGAGEMENT ALL TOGETHER so, it includes not only comments on blogs but all how much you share on ALL SOCIAL MEDIA platforms.
      We are very much transparent from our end not only checking tweets but taking all other parameters into consideration.
      Sharing blog posts of other bloggers using mandatory hashtags are what one of the parameter!!
      We have kept one mandatory hashtag for entire league plus team hashtag…apart from that anything comes up we used to share with team leaders beforehand!!

  5. I haven’t seen the movie, but can totally relate to your sentiment. Friends are quite an important part of growing up… And yes, #OpenNTalk has introduced me to an interesting mix of “Veere”

    #NISSAtalks #OpenNTalk

  6. I missed it last week but going to watch it soon. There was a time when things that cant be showed directly, were displayed through songs. Now film industry becomes smart. They can portray real-life stories now in a better way. #OpeNTalk #BloggerBabes

  7. Loved your thoughts on the concept. I have not seen the movie yet, so I am not really in the know of the characters completely. Will come back after I have seen the movie. #roarwillrock

  8. I was eagerly waiting to watch it, but as u said its not good for kids… i think i should avoid… as cannt go without my son to theatre. Week 2 started with a wonderful review. #OpenNTalk #NISSATalks

  9. I watched it with my Veere too! It was fun enjoying the movie all by ourselves.
    I liked the movie for the honest portrayal of the insecurities of each individual person.
    #CrossBorderSisters #OpenNTalk

  10. I have mixed reactions about the movie. I loved the bonding and closeness showed between the veeres while in other places it looked seemed shallow. Anyway, it is a movie and is supposed to be taken with a pinch of salt. 🙂
    #OpenNTalk #BloggerBabes

  11. Haven’t watched the movie Ruchi as my concern is my 3 year old, not sure I want her to hear the Maa Behn :). But the concept of women friendships is fabulous and something that Bollywood has explored for the first time. Hope we get to see more in this genre

  12. Forgot to add the hashtag #BloggerBabes #OpenNTalk

  13. After reading this, i am more interested in watching the movie. Nice review. 🙂

    – Anami from #InvincibleGang for #OpenNTalk #Week2

  14. Interesting take on the movie. My veere and me have been planning and plotting against hectic time schedules to catch up on this movie. snce so long now.. But haven’t been able to do so till now.
    Everyday since its release, we have been calling each other almost regularly to sulk on how thkngs have changed, how we used to ‘find’ the time for each other during our college days (ours was a notorious group of 5) and how we have now accepted defeat against time and a busy life. Get-togethers have changed to WA groups and updates have turned to status messages.
    I think we will only get to watch this movie next month on DVD in one of our homes. But we have sworn to watch it together come what may!

    Because when you are watching it with your ‘Veere’ from the last fifteen years, who cares much about the movie anyway? 🙂

    #crossbordersisters #openntalk

  15. I also loved the movie and was surprised that people were bashing it for the reasons which made no sense. It is a different movie but it shows a truth and things which are there but nobody talks about them.

  16. I had not watched the movie yet but will surly watch it this weekend. thanks for sharing review. #OpenNTalk #Roarwillrock

  17. Yes, Veere’s are for life and to make life better! Cheers to all Veere’s here and everywhere!
    Enjoying this challenge, Ruchi.

  18. Lovely post. Veere’s do make life easier to live. Thank you for being my #VeereForever #RoarWillRock

  19. I have not watched the movie yet,,,but after your post , i would definitely go and watch it out…!! Thanks for updating. you write so well that i feel kept on reading. Keep posting more of such kind!

  20. Frankly speaking, this movie is on my wishlist but I’m yet to watch this. I wanted to see this one with my friends, unfortunately, they all are in Pune and I’m in Goa. I feel like watching it after reading your views. P.s. I always adore Dipika and your Friendship *touch wood God bless you guys 🙂

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