Travel Adventures for Senior Citizens

Travel Adventures for Senior Citizens

September 16, 2019 13 By Ruchi Verma

Travel, visiting new places, tick marks on their long-awaited bucket list. Yes, this age of senior citizens is the age of relaxation and fulfilling their those dreams which they somewhere left behind their responsibilities.

There are many senior citizens travel tours and insurance easily available. Don’t let your dream wait. If you are planning to get travel insurance for your parents always cross-check a few factors.

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Factors to be considered for Senior Citizen’s Travel Insurance

Coverage Offered: Medical Coverage which is the topmost priority for the policy, even check for baggage coverage as there should not be any problem with their baggage and check if they cover accommodation and delay/cancelation.

Flexibility: Your insurance plan should be flexible and allow you to plan or make changes according to your wish before the journey begins or later.

Plan Type: Choose your plan according to your need. Choose which suits your travel plan either domestic or overseas.

Premium: Don’t go for the policy whose premium is not affordable. It should be in your pocket and commensurate with coverage benefits. The best way is to compare the premium charge against the coverage offered.

These are some basic things which need to be considered before getting any plan.

7 Destination in Indian to gift Senior Citizens

1.Chota Char Dham: It is consists of four holy sites Yamunotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath, and Badrinath. Best time to travel April/May to October/November

2.Rameshwaram: Place where the Hanuman and army of Lord Rama built a bridge of floating stones to reach Sri Lanka popularly known as Ram Setu.
Ramanathaswamy Temple is beautifully constructed and has beautiful architecture. Best time to visit between October to February.

3. Haridwar: Ganga Arti of Haridwar is one of my dreams also to witness with another beautiful aura of this city. It’s said the best time to be here is from October to February.

Apart from these holy places if your parents love adventure, go for camping you can also gift the following few destinations in India.

4. Jim Corbett National Park: Exploring wildlife safari with binoculars, wow! This would be more fun for adventure couple. Must gift the forest houses for accommodation. This park opens from November to June but the best time to visit between November to February.

5. Sundarbans: Between October to January you can gift them best camping tour to Sundarbans which is UNESCO World Heritage Site with waterways and wildlife. They can get sights of Royal Bengal Tiger, dolphins, crocodile, turtles, wild boars, spotted deer and more wild species.

To gift them nature’s own destination with scenic beauty some of the places created by God only for these loved ones.

6. Shillong: The gorgeous waterfalls, beautiful lakes, and striking gardens makes this place worth to visit. With always pleasant weather this place is best to visit during March – June, and October to February.


7. Andaman Islands: With white sands, coastline covered by palm trees and blue water this place is pure paradise. If you love seafood this is the place. Apart from sea activities they can explore Island..Wow!! perfect place to gift them. Gift this tour between November to March.


Which place you are planning to gift your elders this time to make them relax and enjoy their second honeymoon?

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