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Traveling can be a hard thing to do when you’re not sure about where you want to end up!  If you ever find yourself in the south- and want to make the most of your trip- consider moving to one of these amazing cities!

Why Tennessee?

If you’re considering a trip and aren’t sure where to land, Tennessee may sound like a strange landing point: but don’t ignore it!  Not only does this state have tons to see and do, but it’s also home to some of the friendliest locals and the best food you can try.  

The cities are spread out, so there’s still tons to see and do between them, and nature and city living are hand in hand.  It’s easy to fall in love with a state like this.


Nashville may be where country stars are made, but there’s so much more to this city than strumming guitars!  From the fantastic food and arts scenes to the beautiful architecture and tightly woven communities all over the city, you’ll be amazed at how vibrant, and varied Nashville can be. 

Not only will you find the best fried chicken in the south here, but you’ll also get to know the endless things that inspire locals, like the Nashville Ballet and the fun and world-famous Nashville Zoo!


This smaller city, with just over 80,000 people, is one of the best places to spend the summer in Tennessee.  Not only does Franklin have a firework display like none other, but it also has a very vivid history that the town will excitedly talk you through whenever you can visit.  From the 1858 Lotz House, that’s home to tons of furniture from that era, to the antique shops and restored Victorian buildings; you’ll feel like you can get to know history intimately by visiting here. 



If you want a city that will surprise you: it’s going to be Knoxville!  From the incredible food to affordable Knoxville real estate, you’ll fall in love at first sight.  At home on the Tennessee River, Knoxville is a gorgeous city full of older 19th-century architecture and so much history it’ll stun you.  

There’s more here than the museums and history, though- consider checking out the fantastic nightlife, the great food and music scenes, and some of the most incredible locals you’ll ever meet! 


Memphis may be the most famous city in Tennessee besides Nashville because of its music scene.  Home to soul and rock and roll, Memphis can guide you through how music has changed and grown over the last hundred years and is eager to open your eyes to how much more it can change in the future.

Walking the same streets as the greats will leave you inspired and ready to take on your own life with a new vision and hope. 

This State Can Stun Anyone

Whether you want to enjoy the lush greenery surrounding Knoxville, or you’re here for the fun and busy city life of Nashville, you’ll fall in love with Tennessee at first sight!  Consider moving to this star-studded state the next chance you have!

Don’t forget to create some magical memories by clicking pictures and making travel videos like a pro.

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  1. I like to see lush greenery around as much as I can when i travel, hence mountains or a greener city is always my choice. These are some great recommendations to have, saving the page for future.

  2. Tennessee sounds quite an interesting place. Never thought about it but now it is in my bucket list for sure. Thanks for sharing and writing with such amazing detailing.

  3. Tennessee sure has some great cities to visit. I didn’t know about many of them. Sounds like one would enjoy a vacation there.

  4. My personal favourite is Nashville as my dearest sister who is like an elder sister resides there and from all that I have learned from her it is the best.

  5. Our cousins live in Franklin and we are planning to visit them soon. Will check out the other places on the list with them only. Thanks for this!

  6. Tennessee looks exciting, for now, I have decided to Bharat Darshan for next 5 years then I will explore foreign land. So if I get the opportunity to explore the state then I will definitely explore the cities mentioned here.

  7. Planning is very crucial when you viait abroad and this blogpost is a good guide to add in the list that has all the details of Tennessee.

  8. I did not heard about Tennessee before. but your post has made me realized that it is an amazing place to have fun with friends and family. would love to visit this someday with my family.

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