Tips For Wearing Antique Rings

Tips For Wearing Antique Rings
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If you are a lover of fine antiques, you no doubt have some great pieces in your jewelry box, and in this article, we offer a few tips on wearing antique rings. The term ‘antique’ is often merged with ‘vintage’ and the difference between the two might only be a few years.

Technically speaking, an item must be at least 100 years old in order to be labeled antique; anything later than that is classified as vintage. This means a diamond engagement ring made in 1920 just falls into the antique bracket, which makes it more valuable.

The Three Ring Rule

No one really knows where this one came from; it is said that you should never wear more than 3 rings on one hand. That being the case, no one is going to say anything if you go over that number and if you are a flamboyant person, why not?

The Ring Finger

The third finger of the left hand is generally reserved for engagement and wedding rings and if you are looking for the perfect symbol of love, check out Kalmar Antiques offers antique engagement rings Sydney or your city has on offer. Art Deco is more popular now than in the 1920s and the dealer has an extensive catalog of fine diamond engagement rings.

Hand Size Matters

When wearing large rings, you should have large hands, to keep it proportional. If you have petite hands, avoid overly large costume rings, as they look out of sync with everything else. The best way to find out what works and what does not is to experiment. If something feels right, it probably is. If your jewelry collection is limited, check out the online antique dealer, where you can view stunning antique jewelry, all at affordable prices.

Add Rich Colour

Wearing an antique emerald ring is a great way to inject a vivid splash of green into your look, or it could be amber, aquamarine, or even jade. Rings allow you to bring in rich colors to contrast with your outfit. The Art Deco period produced outstanding jewelry, which is as popular today as it was a century ago, and the antique dealer is the person to talk to when looking for genuine antique or vintage jewelry.

Prominent Joints

If you have prominent knuckle joints, cover them with large semi-precious stones using antique rings; the online antique dealer has a great selection of top-quality pieces that are big enough to cover large joints.

Be Careful Of Damage

It is never a good idea to wear rings together if the stones touch, as repeated wear could lead to damage. Friction is often the result when you stack rings, so do take care that rings do not make contact with each other.

antique rings
Image Source: Pexels

We all love to wear antique jewelry and we hope that the above tips help you to integrate wearing your antique and vintage rings into your look. This is ideal for the present summer weather and over the years, you can amass quite a collection of antique jewelry that includes Art Deco rings.

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  1. Wow, this is an intriguing read; I never considered anything before wearing antique rings. I now have something new to discuss with my friends.

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    Yes, I don’t mind wearing more than 3 rings in one hand. All the tips you’ve shared here are really good.

  3. These are good tips for wearing antique rings. I agree with the three-ring rule, as I feel that more than that could look over the top. But again it is a matter of personal choice. I personally prefer to keep it simple and wear just one ring.

  4. I have a couple of antique rings and necklaces handed down by my mother. Will keep the tips in mind while wearing them.

  5. I do not have any antique rings in my collection. However, after reading about these tips, I am sure to invest in one and flaunt it.

  6. Their pieces are carefully chosen and the collection is so well-curated. Authentic jewelry from antiquity is very rare and valuable. Many of these jewels reside in museums and state collections.

  7. I am someone who don’t like to wear jewelry at all. Thus for me this ring theory is pretty interesting and the tips you have given are handy for someone who loves to wear rings.

  8. I am a huge fan of rings, be it chic or antique. This article is for people like us, very well details information on vintage rings and how to style up with them.

  9. Right now I don’t possess any antique rings but as I love rings and have some good collection would love to add antique too. These are wonderful tips.

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