5 Best Fabrics For Men’s Suits And How To Select Them

What will be your reaction if you see a person enters the board room in hot summer wearing a woolen suit? Wired! Right, so make sure while selecting fabrics for men’s suits.

The fabric plays and defines the personal style and if you choose the right fabrics for men’s suits it not only looks good but also the sitting comes correctly. Now, the selection of suit fabric also depends on the occasion, either office use or glamorous events.

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There are plenty of fabrics available for tailoring a suit. Although most of them look very similar, it’s good to know their specifications and differences.

Factors To Consider Before Selecting Fabrics For Men’s Suits

1. Breathability: A good, breathable fabric is important for both of you. Make sure before selecting the fabric check that it allows air to flow and keeps your temperature regulated all day long.

Most wool fabrics have great breathability, but linen and cotton are excellent choices for summers. The breathability must be the first-factor need to be considered before selecting the fabric.

2. Weight: When we go to select the fabrics for men’s suits one thing which we noticed is the terms light, medium, and heavy which in general gives the idea of the thickness of the fabric. It is a little confusing as depends on the material as each one uses different measurements.

To keep it simple remember, that lightweight fabric is best for hot weather or summers, and for cold weather to keep you warmer the heavier weight fabric will solve the problem.

3. Softness:

Who wants to wear itchy or rough clothes, so the softness matters a lot when choosing a suiting fabric. As we know that in cotton the softness depends on the thread count and cashmere is one of the incredible softness. The fabric texture also plays an important part in fabric softness.

Fabrics for Men's Suits

5 Best Fabrics For Men’s Suits

There are plenty of options in fabrics suits available online, check out which one suits your personality and fits in your occasion and pocket.

1. Cashmere: One of the softest fabrics in the world, and this material is costly as compared to others available in the market. It is considered a luxury material, very breathable, long-lasting, and good for both hot and cold weather.

2. Linen: This fabric is one that gives the most casual and stylish appearance and is best for casual and formal occasions. It is lightweight and keeps you cool in extreme temperatures is so more suitable for hot weather.

3. Cotton: Soft and light in weight cotton suit fabrics are excellent in breathability. For summers, and outdoor events they are super comfortable and cool. So, if you are selecting cotton fabric for suits it’s best for

  • Good for semi-formal and casual events
  • Moves and breaths well
  • Satisfactory softness

4. Wool: Wool fabric is very soft and since it’s natural, the breathable quality is really well, wrinkle-free material is food for winters and gives you a classy look.

It is ideal for everyday use as its wrinkle-free texture and you can select it as a fabrics for men’s suits because of the following qualities:

  • Softness is amazing
  • Drapes well
  • Has great temperature-regulating abilities.
  • Comes in a variety of weaves, some suited for cool weather and some for warm weather.

5. Polyester: This fabric always comes blended with another fabric such as wool. Now, the suit fabrics are made from polyester are tend to wrinkle less than linen. This is good to be worn in spring and autumn and must be avoided in extreme temperatures.

Conclusion: Buying a suit or investing in fabrics for men’s suits is an expensive investment. Identify the purpose and most importantly the season you are going to wear it and buy one for yourself.

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  1. Yes mens suits are expensive investment and we should keep many things in mind before buying one. I believe quality of fabric and personal comfort are two important factors that should not be ignored. you have shared great fabric option for men suits in this post. will help many to make a wise decision for themselves.

  2. Comfort is definitely the first factors when it comes to choosing clothing. These pointers are helpful to choose suit fabric for men

  3. Men don’t hoard suits like women’s clothes and hence their fabrics must be chosen with care. Comfort and weather conditions play a big role in picking the right one.

  4. Selecting men suit is a skill and you have listed right factors to select best. I also look for breathability and the flow of the material, besides the fabrics linen looks good on all occasions.

  5. I agree there are so many varieties of suite material and all look the same . Therefore it becomes even more important to know what exactly you are looking for. Climate and occasion help us decide what to buy. Great pointers.

  6. Really like the list.. linen is my favourite too along with cotton silk when buying for kurta fabric for my guy

  7. I am totally out of touch with men’s dressing. I thought everyone got ready-made suits. In the south, suits are a rarity.

  8. Got something new to learn today.very well written and very informative post.i am going to share it with my friend who loves to read such kind of posts.

  9. well said, the fabric makes all the difference. A well tailored woolen suit looks the ultimate in style, and comfort too.

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  11. This is a very helpful article. I am surely going to share this with my brother as he was planning on investing in a few suits.

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