Son to Son in Law

Day 11


Well if things are changing for a girl, it’s definitely changed a lot for boy too.. Marriage not only makes him responsible, caring, punctual with all new relationship in life!!

It’s not only a groom’s expectations from his wife but surely bride too expect little things after choosing him as a life patner.

Well, now when she is part of family who left her home, parents, siblings & friends now going to share your room, home and above all her dreams.. And it’s always a first dream of any bride to see how her husband is going to gel up with her blood relations.

So now, some golden tips which can make you super son in law#

  1. Respect : This is much more important & first fact you should follow, respect not only her but her parents & all relationship.
  2. Equality : Treat your inlaws as your parents don’t differentiate between them. Don’t forget their special days, birthday, anniversary remember to give them call on these days before your wife reminds you.
  3. Visit them : It’s really important that you visit & stay with them. May be you stay in same city or colony but important is to stay with them to make them feel that you also consider their home as yours.
  4. Bond with FIL  :  Spend quality time with your FIL as daughters & fathers bond is really special. He is experienced person don’t hesitate to take up advice if you need.
  5. Family gathering : Never say ni to family functions & family gathering this way you will get connected to her relatives, siblings & cousins.

My mother feel proud of her 4 son in laws and always says ” these are 4 pillars of my home”

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Ruchi Verma

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  1. Very Well said Ruchi Verma. I hope all the sons out there are reading this piece of information. Definitely the responsibility lies on both the partners.

  2. right ruchi …….

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