Day 12


After all rit­u­als of mar­riage time for one more time for bride to go back to her par­ents home and meet them this rasam is called “Pag­phere

Do you know why this pag­phere hap­pens after mar­rige ?

In India, the daugh­ters are con­sid­ered as the God­dess of Lak­sh­mi and thus the bride comes back to her home to ensure the best future and hap­pi­ness of her par­ents.

Pag Phera cer­e­mony, the bride has to stay at her parental home for two or three days. But before that, the bride’s broth­er gen­er­al­ly comes to take back her to his home. When the cer­e­mony ends, the groom come for tak­ing her bet­ter half and seeks bless­ings from her par­ents. Girl’s par­ents offer some attrac­tive gifts to their daugh­ter and son-in-law in the name of sha­gun as this is her first vis­it to parental home after the big event.

Well what I love about this cul­ture is, bride can vis­it her par­ents after mar­riage and enjoy … But on name of sha­gun gifts and cash is real­ly makes me sad!!

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