Senior Citizen Card

Senior Citizen Card

Senior Citizen Card, just like my previous post where I told you, I was not aware of Senior Citizen Day, this was actually new to me again.

I remember my dad who was very particular about his paperwork. Seen him getting his and mom’s Pan card and then Adhaar card done for himself and mummy. Senior Citizen card not heard or seen before.

With this series where I am gaining knowledge about new things sharing with you all over here.

Get your Card

Who is eligible?

1.If you are 60+ years old Indian.

2. If you hold permanent resident Government proof of your state.

3. You should have a Government document stating your date of birth.


With growing age, time to ease up the financial burden of elders so it helps in tax laws related to seniors.

Health benefits and health insurance policies.

Travel discounts and allowances.

Higher rates of interests on investments

Avail all great Senior citizen welfare schemes by the Government.

How to get your Senior Citizen Card?

I request all elderly people to get their card today. It’s easy in today’s easy technology world to apply for the same.

You may apply by filling up the details in the forms easily available on each state official website. The person who is applying has to register and along with two photographs, address proof and age proof have to submit the application**

National Capital Online Application Form.

Once your documents get verified and form gets approved, you will receive your Senior citizen card.

Have you got a card for yourself or elder members in the family? If not get this now.

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*These benefits keep on changing from time to time and agency or rules by the government or private companies. Do check before availing them.

** Application form and their eligibility criteria changes with Government of India and State Government. Please read all documents before submitting.

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  1. Hey, nice info, I also dint know much about this card. This is a great initiative by govt for the welfare of senior citizens. Thanks for making everyone aware of this card.

  2. Thanks for sharing this. Quite an informative series. Not many are aware of this card, although it is mostly used for travel discounts.

  3. Nice and informative post , was not knowing details of it , Thanks for sharing ?

  4. This is one information even I didn’t know. I wonder how many uneducated know of this when even the educated ones like us were unaware till now. Thank u for sharing n enlightening us.

    1. You know even I was unaware of this …while researching I got to know about it!

  5. Iske barey me mujhe pata hai, sister in law n unke husband ka card bana hua hai, inke benifit bhi pata hai ?
    Hum bhi eligible ho jaayenge to jarur apply karengey ??

    1. Yes…this is so important and I am happy that people are aware of it!!

  6. I will let my parents and in laws know about it. Thanks for this information.

    1. Yeah sure ..I am happy to know that you found it useful

  7. I was completely unaware of this card, will surely share it with elderly people around. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Thank you for this important information. I also was not aware of such a card. I am going to get one for my mother.

  9. You have picked up a wonderful topic this season. Senior citizens need to be aware of their rights, and facilities available. Thanks for sharing the information.

  10. That’s very informative.
    Was not aware of this
    Will ensure to get this made for my mom
    Thanks for sharing

  11. I too was not aware of anything such as a senior citizen card. But now that I have read this, I am going to ask y father to get this asap. Kudos to you for choosing such an amazing topic

    1. Happy that I can help you to know about this!!

  12. Thanks for sharing this Ruchie. I was wondering reading Senior Citizen card as the title on what that was. I am going to get one for both set of parents. This is useful .

    1. Yes …do get that …!!

  13. I knew about this as got my granny’s done. I had to share it with one of my friends for her mother, this post came right in time. Will share the link so she can read this one and get one for her mom 🙂
    #MyFriendAlexa #vigorousreads

    1. Please do share I will be more than happy if I can be part of anybody’s recovery.

  14. My father is a senior citizen and he often tells me the usefulness of this card. Nice post.

  15. Even I didn’t know anything about Senior Citizen card before reading this post. This will help a lot of senior citizens of this country. You are doing a good job.

  16. Yes, my grandparents have this card and I see the benefits whenever they travel around. This is a great piece of info to share and spread awareness about the benefits given by the Indian government.

  17. It is very helpful information…. I myself was not aware of this… Sharing on all the platforms I am in ..

  18. I’m definitely going to check with my Parents about it, thank you for sharing this

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