Sapno ki doli

Day 4


In India, the daugh­ter of the house­hold is seen as ‘paraya dhan’, some­one who is to be bliss­ful­ly given away dur­ing mar­riage. When a new­ly­wed leaves her home, she is garbed in her bridal attire, and along with her hus­band, she will be sur­round­ed by her father, broth­ers and uncles.
The bride then pro­ceeds to throw three hand­fuls of rice along with a few coins, over her head and into the house. This sym­bol­izes her con­nec­tion to the house, and it is seen as an act of repay­ment to her par­ents for keep­ing her in the house, and also to spread pros­per­i­ty and hap­pi­ness in all the four cor­ners of the house.

But is it easy for any girl to repay the love,affection, upbring­ing by just throw­ing rice over her head.

After her doli moves ahead to grooms house do you real­ly think her bond, rela­tion­ship, love of so many years her iden­ti­ty real­ly changed with this?

I feel it’s time to under­stand par­ents too stop think­ing their daugh­ter paraya dhan … If a girl wants to take up respon­si­bil­i­ty of her par­ents along­with her in laws please don’t stop her .. It only hurt her inside and pain of not able to do any­thing for them kills her …every inlaws should encour­age her to go ahead to take up deci­sion for her par­ents and every hus­band who promised her with 7 vows to stand by her should sup­port her.

Even girl should under­stand that all the­se rit­u­als are gone with time…her par­ents who have given her good upbring­ing & morals , love & bond­ing it can’t be over just after kanyadan !!!

I don’t encour­age that a girl dis­re­spect or give less val­ue to inlaws and keep fol­low­ing her respon­si­bil­i­ties only for her parents…remember if you want your par­ents get treat­ed with love respect & care ..give same love ‚respect &care to inlaws too.

Remem­ber, Mir­ror will only show your reflec­tion to you..give as u expect from oth­er!!

Mar­riage is a beau­ti­ful journey…make it just mag­i­cal with love & lit­tle wise steps!!!

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  1. Hatts of Ruchi, again it’s an awe­some and mean­ing­ful arti­cle for all. Ruchi, I strong­ly oppose kanyadadan rit­u­al and I have decid­ed that I will nev­er fol­low this rit­u­al.

    • Thanks Hansa … M not again­st any rit­u­al just the way peo­ple call paraya dhan it’s not right …after kanyadaan also girl can take ip respon­si­bil­i­ty of par­ents!!

  2. Such thought pro­vok­ing post and i agree u, we should stop see­ing her as paraya dhan.. it’s too much. She feels like a lia­bil­i­ty till the time she’s mar­ried and even after that par­ents are very con­scious that she should focus more on her new house than the pre­vi­ous one.

  3. Though there are fam­i­lies who still con­sid­er the girl as ‘paraya dhan’, I think the sit­u­a­tion is improv­ing, that par­ents don’t see their daugh­ters that way. I hope that that improve­ment con­tin­ues.

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