Salaried Men And Their Mental Health-How To Support

salaried men and mental health

Salaried men and their mental health issues are very less spoken about as we often talk about kids’ mental health, teenagers’ mental health, how the pandemic affects seniors’ mental health, and even how females of our family are getting affected and their problems related to mental health.

The question is why does no one talk about the mental health issue of men? Why they themselves don’t want to speak about it? The answer could be “They don’t want to admit it as it’s not a macho thing.”

There are several reasons for these mental issues among men, including education, unemployment, and personal front but what we are going to discuss today is the mental health of salaried men.

What mental problems salaried men face?

He is earning well, has a happy family, and has 7 figure salary…still does he have mental issues. Yes, he might be among those who are facing a mental problem. These are some responsibilities he is carrying that are unnoticed by many of us:

  1. Being an earning member of the family, they have a full set of responsibilities starting from taking care of everybody’s health to kids’ education.
  2. During this pandemic, the working style in cooperates, private companies, and the public sector changed and there is no set time limit for their work schedule.
  3. Expectations are extremely high at this point also, we talk about how females are more occupied with the household but the pressure on a male member who is an on work from home has more pressure to even work from home as he is not visiting the office physically.
  4. He is the one who has to plan for all insurance, EMIs, and monthly expenses.
  5. On-time submission of fees and other transactions are important which he could handle every month.

Well, yes, these are the responsibilities he is handling and so why the mental problem? Isn’t it his job to perform?

The issue is men tend not to be very vocal about their thoughts and hardly express their emotions and problems, and the biggest reason behind this is our parenting. We as a parent teach our boys not to show their emotions, and don’t cry as “boys don’t cry” these lessons from life made them weaker to show emotional quotient which is extremely important.

There are many mistakes we do which can harm kids’ mental health watch what you teach your kids.

Salaried men and their mental health

How to support Salaried men and their mental health issues

It’s difficult for men to open up about their feelings but if you know someone you love, your spouse, brother, or friend, and want to help them, there are some tips you should follow and can support Salaried men and their mental health issues:

  1. Have honest and valuable conversations: Make them realize what may come you will be there to support them. Your simple approach can make them comfortable to share their mental problem and you could be one of the helping hand.
  2. Take a stand: If even after knowing their issue they are adamant and not ready to meet the consultant or doctor, take your stand and make sure you take them to visit for medical help if needed as a top priority.
  3. Get the messenger: There are certain cases where your man might not feel comfortable talking to you, but always ready to seek a piece of advice and listen to someone he admires. Get connected to that person, share your concern and let them connect to discuss.

Giving lectures or nagging for anything will make them more irritated and they will disconnect themselves. Stand by them and support them. It’s time to give your hands and support your Salaried men and their mental health issues.

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  1. Mental health is a widely discussed topic but we rarely talk about men’s mental health. They come across as strong personality and we think that they will not be having any mental health related issues. But if they are the sole earner, then they have a lot on their shoulder.

  2. Well said Ruchi

  3. Very interesting topic. The best way to go about anything is to keep the doors of communication open. This way it eases out the pain and also let’s the other party know that he is stressed, needs help or just a bit of consideration. Budgeting expenses and spending as per it can help ease the finance burden. Also, female in the house shld share the load of men with taking over and keeping tracks of payments, and helping with investments. Hence reducing some work n stress off man.

  4. The mental health of men is a lesser discussed but very crucial topic, I appreciate you raised the issue and shared it.

  5. A much needed topic to be discussed in the open.Men don’t cry is such a bad statement. You have brought out the right message. Just hope many read and realise its importance

  6. Ruchi, you have rightly picked this topic as it is very less discussed and if it discussed too we don’t talk about the insecurities faced by them . Liked the pointers which we as family can support them.

  7. Yes our society has some fixed norms like boys do not cry and this type of fixed norms create an unnecessary pressure on mental health of men. agree with all pointers you have shared here about salaried men. indeed, they do a lot for their respective families and need our support time to time.

  8. oh yes.. Most of the time people are ignorant when it comes to men’s mental health. Salaried men have to go through a lot and sometimes it can be stressful, a good support is much needed

  9. I strongly agree with you that mental health of a men is least discussed. The solutions provided by your are so apt and Doable but people hardly pay attention to it.. Thanks for writing about it , it definitely needs lots of awareness.

  10. This is a wonderful topic Ruchi. Yes, we rarely talk about the mental health of men. Most of times we talk about women. Men have so many responsibilities on their shoulders and this pandemic has added more stress and pressure on them . Very well written post!

  11. Well picked up topic men mental health plays a very important role where they have to deal with so much of pressure at working place on time support and care is really important.

  12. Agree, no one talks about the mental health of salaried people. In fact it needs attention as during the pandemic many have lost their jobs.

  13. I so agree and a very valid point raised here, mental health of every single member of the family is equally important

  14. We as their better halves can see and feel the mental issues in such scenarios very clearly, you have shared very relatable tips with us.

  15. We often talk about women’s rights and their mental health. But that of men is underrated as it is a taken that men are strong. Their mental health tends to be ignored the most.

  16. Rightly said the mental health of salaried men is often neglected or not even thought about cause well it’s their job but they have a great responsibility of the entire household to take care of. Nagging surely doesn’t help.

  17. You said it right! There is very less talk around about men and their stress. Pandemic has affected many men die to loss of their jobs, cutdown on salaries and then family finances not able to function well.

  18. I completely agree with you and in fact, I teach my kids regularly to not trouble papa during this time. Men are indeed sitting at home and working but their pressure levels are too high. We as a family need to be very supportive of everyone. very well-written post and much needed.

  19. Right now we are in such a situation that both salaried and self-employed men are in stress because of the uncertainty. This is a very nicely written post.

  20. Interesting post. since it is assumed that men are better with finances and generally managing the outside world, no one really talks about this. nice and simple tips – thanks for sharing these ideas.

  21. What an insightful post Ruchi. It is a general assumption in the society that a man must provide for his family and his mental health is never taken into consideration. With the pandemic striking in and work from home culture seeming to be the new norm, their stress levels are actually elevated. Atleast, while working from the office, they had company of their colleagues to vent out. Now the avenues seemed to have closed and striking a balance between work and home seems to be more difficult. So, yes, it is the responsibility of family members to understand him, his emotions and worries and support him no matter what comes in the way. Great post!

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