Raksha Bandhan North Indian full vegetarian menu ideas for lunch or dinner.

North India full vegetarian menu

Who doesn’t like festive food and when it comes to the North Indian full vegetarian menu for the most loved day of Rakhi, nothing can beat that. Rakhi is a special day to celebrate one among the most loved and special bonds on this earth and i.e., sibling’s love. A relationship connected since birth not only with the blood but also with the mind.

Well, there is no such special pre-decided menu for this day, previously my mom used to cook we sisters prefer on this day, and now I am following tradition and try to prepare a meal which my kids love.

But, as I always mention that there is a Tom and Jerry relationship which they share, and that follows in their choice of meal. Sharing an idea of what you can prepare for this Raksha Bandhan, a North Indian full vegetarian menu to make this day more special.

North Indian full vegetarian menu idea

1. Dal Makhani:

 Made with Whole Black Lentils, this is one of the most popular and delicious cuisines from Punjab and is mostly loved by kids and even elders. With whole Urad dal, rajma, butter, and spices, this is one of the most popular lentil dishes.

2. Malai Kofta:

This is another dish that is a favorite among North Indians, It is a dish in which we serve potato paneer balls with a delicious, smooth, rich & creamy gravy.

3. Matar Paneer:

One of the common dishes which is easy to prepare and very common in every festival in North Indian families is Matar Paneer, we prepare it from paneer cubes and matar.

North India full vegetarian menu

4. Aalo Gobi

We require one dry vegetable to complete the meal of the day. It could be anything but, mostly the one people love the combination with Aalo Gobi dry.

5. Poori/ Garlic Naan

First choice on any festival in North India is always Poori or Kachuri(filled with dal), even you can try garlic naan too but I prefer Poori with the combination of Dal Makhani and Malai kofta.

6. Kachori

Urad dal Kachori is one of the most loved and cooked in every home during festivals, if you want to ditch poori or naan which we usually have quite often, try this spicy and tasty Kachori on this Rakhi.

7. Jeera Rice

A simple Jeera(Cumin) rice completes the meal. Cook in desi ghee with little salt and cumin seeds to give a little extra flavor. This completes the North Indian full vegetarian menu.

8. Kheer:

No market dessert can complete the meal, if you are preparing a North Indian full vegetarian menu, you need to finish it with Chawal(Rice) ki Kheer or Gulab ki Kheer.

Apart from these items, you can add following items in your thali as per the choice of your family and guests:

  1. Chole
  2. Kadhi
  3. Mix Veg
  4. Shahi Paneer
  5. Kadhai Paneer
  6. Missi Roti
  7. Veg Biryani
  8. Tawa Pulao
  9. Stuffed tawa vegetables
  10. Gulab Jamun

No meal is completed without pickle, raita and papad. So, this Raksha Bandhan festival serves your sibling’s food cooked with love and taste which connect both of you since childhood. North Indian full vegetarian menu completes the festive mood.

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  1. Makes me miss India. Nice post!

  2. Wow that’s awesome celebration. Really enjoyed to read this post. Lot’s of love

  3. Ruchi, this entire list is so tempting. Paneer and Naan is a combination made in heaven. Festivals puts us in the mood to make some exotic dishes.

  4. This is mouth watering menu and I also follow similar menu on special occasions and festivals. kheer is my personal favorite and I can have it at any time of day.

  5. My all time favorite is the dal makanni!! I just cant get enough of it all the time! amazing ideas for a perfect festive meal

  6. These are some awesome menu ideas for Raksha Bandhan or any other occasion for celebration. I can see many of my favourite dishes in the list.

  7. What a delicious North Indian spread for Rakhi! And the icing on the cake is that the entire spread is vegetarian too πŸ™‚ Even though Rakhi is over, just by looking at the photographs of these dishes is making me feel hungry πŸ™‚

  8. Wah such a well thought out menu. For those struggling with no idea on whar to curate this is really handy. The entire list makes me drool.

  9. You have given an exhaustive list of dishes. I’m sure this has been curated in such a way that all family members would love the meal.

  10. These are such perfect recipes to add flavour and tadka to the perfect Rakshabandhan celebration with the family. In fact, these are some of my go-to recipes for every festival.

  11. All these recipes are mouthwatering and so tempting. I love Dal Makhni anytime. Awesome Ruchi

  12. Indian festivals are a celebration of culture and feasts. All people together enjoying the culinary bests is a high in itself. My favorite are – Poori/Kachari, Paneer Matar, Chole, Aloo-zeera, Bhindi, and Phirni.

  13. These are some drool-worthy dishes. Shahi Paneer, Chole and Kheer are must-haves in my house too during a festive occasion.

  14. Rakhi is such an amazobg festival. I sane pinch even my mom used to made food of our choice and I do the same. But kheer is something we make it like mandatory on this day. I love dum aloo and makhani dal

  15. What a mouth watering post I loved all the dishes here my dear, all the more because I know what a fab cook you are.

  16. Being a north Indian everything is my favourite from the list. Malai kofta and kheer sounds like delicious treat

  17. Although I belong to a non-vegetarian family, my preference is always vegetarian food. This menu is so perfect for any celebration at home.

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  20. Ruchi, this entire list is so tempting. Paneer and Naan is a combination made in heaven. Great thoughts.

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