5 fun ways how to reduce stress from life.

Everyone experiences stress in life which could be different for every individual. A different range of events in daily life could trigger it. When you can’t handle a situation or are overwhelmed your body and mind respond differently and you feel stressed.

Your stress level can affect your physical and mental health and it’s important to find a solution that makes you feel relaxed and composed to deal with any situation.

Later, I was feeling too much stressed out because of pandemics, household chores, and online classes of kids, and then I realized let me try some fun activities which I would love to do and make me relax and reduce stress in my life,

Sharing my 5 fun ways to reduce stress from life:

1. Taking out “Me Time”

It’s very important to rejuvenate yourself with the activity you love to do. I have made a schedule for myself and spend some good quality time with myself. I usually go on walks alone, the dance which makes me happy or read my choice of book.

All this not only makes me happy but I feel so relaxed to be with myself and think about how to make my life worth and tension-free with no stress.

reduce stress

2. Writing Journal

Sharing your thoughts on paper matters a lot, I started maintaining my journal, just like I used to have in school days writing positive thoughts, affirmation, and organizing my to-do list which made me more focused and helped to prioritize my work.

Writing daily is a stress buster for me and helped me a lot to find myself and my goals in life.

3. Playing free Online Games

I still love playing games on the web and few games were always my favorite like Tetris, Solitaire, Spider Solitaire, Classic Minesweeper, and many others and while searching these games I reached on the website plays.org. This website has so many games and that per as your choice or your mood.

Well, there are multiple reasons I want to recommend plays.org for every age group who want to play free online games:

The very first thing which makes me happy using this gaming site is, you need not download any game on your mobile or tab (isn’t that cool), well I love playing games but usually avoid it as downloading really takes so much space but now this problem solved as I am happy playing online my choice of games over here.

It seriously made me nostalgic as while scrolling the site I found games I used to play a lot like Tetris, Solitaire and it’s all available there with a new version (I must admit better than before).

There are hundreds of games available in every category and according to your choice from Arcade classic, cartoon games to shoot games, even my little one loves playing sports games and educational games (which are age-appropriate) available free online over here.

Yes, it is safe for kids as I rarely encourage kids to download games on mobile and play because of some unwanted ads which play in between those games. Here you can happily let your child play games according to their choice with no tension that it will lead to untrusted sites or unwanted ads.

The best part is I just open the site plays.org and started playing with no registration, no account creation, or any other hassle.

reduce stress

There are so many new games getting added daily, in every category they have that you will never get bore or short of games.

I feel this is one of the best sites I came across which I can tell my kids also to play games as there are so many educational games that help them learn more about the concepts along with their fun time.

In short, plays.org is one of the best sites to play free online games as:

  • No Account creation.
  • Multiple games available.
  • No ads, No pop ups. Safe for kids.
  • Age Appropriate games.
  • New games added daily.
  • Old classic games in a new version for adults too.
Educational Math Game on play.org

4. Listening to Music

Music is the best therapy, and this is one way in which I love and stay away from stress and tensions. Old classic music, Bollywood numbers just listen to music as per your taste and it will surely make you relax and tension free.

As I mentioned, “Me Time” is very essential in life, I go on walks daily with good music playing on my phone which makes me happy to be with myself. Music set you free from tension and stress.

5. Meditate

Meditation is the best way to decrease and manage stress. My parents taught me to meditate at least once a day and I make sure along with me my kids also follow this routine to stay mentally and physically fit.

Meditation is the best practice and you can start any day, if in case you have no clue how to begin there are so many videos and tutorials available on YouTube and on the internet for beginners.

Why it’s important to reduce stress?

Having a little stress in life is perfectly fine but we need to understand the symptoms and work on them in order to stay fit. If you have sleepless nights, Blood pressure, the anxiety I recommend visiting your physician at the earliest.

Remember, it’s perfectly ok not to be Ok sometimes, set your realistic goals, and avoid an unnecessary load of work in life. Stay calm and read positive affirmations to stay healthy both mentally and physically.

PLEASE NOTE: Stay self-esteem, keep reminding yourself that you are doing best.

Stay happy and follow these ways to reduce stress in your life.

© Ruchie Verma.

Disclaimer: This post is written as an informational post, please check your physician or doctor before starting any remedies mentioned here.

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  1. Stress management is very important and we have to do it on regular basis. Our mind also needs a break and detoxification. I have tried play.org with my kids. It has some good games. Haven’t tried for myself yet.

  2. Great tips Ruchi. yes, I agree excessive stress is bad for our mental and physical health. I also love to walk and it helps me keeping my stress level on check.

  3. This is great post and nice information. Everyone will get it. I am glad to know you shared that five fun ways how to reduce stress from life. Fun is very important. Thanks for sharing?

  4. Stress has become an integral part of our lives. Our efforts should be towards managing stress effectively. Me time is really essential for this.

  5. Life cannot go smooth all the time and some place or the other stress is must to come. All that we need to concentrate is the way to handle it smartly and overcome the same

  6. I practice all the ways you have suggested. I find silence to be the most beneficial. I play games on FB but will now look up the website you have mentioned too.

  7. Stress management is very important especially in this situation. We are all coping with it. You have written everything very well. Thanks for the post ?

  8. This is a wonderful post with a really meaningful content. I prefer listening music, having me time or writing a journal. Spending some time with nature is also a good way. Keep writing.

  9. Your tips are really a life saver. As a mother of two, having some time for myself is really a breather and helpful to make my patience last longer. I guess exercising can also be added to the list.?

  10. Love your lovely tips and I do many from your list like walking, listen to music. I really love to read, paint (though I am not good at all), embroidery,sing, crafting etc ..

  11. We all have stress in our lives and we do need to take the responsibility of reducing it on our own. I, as a life coach, have also encouraged my clients to practice writing journals and to practice meditation too.

  12. While it is true Mom’s duties are never over. You still need to take care of yourself. Otherwise, we will end up burnt out and exhausted. I love to listen to music it helps me a lot, but never played online games ?. Informative post?

  13. It’s very important for everyone to reduce stress from our life. You listed down good ideas to reduce it.

  14. These are some great tips. The thing is we already know these things but don’t maintain these habits in our daily lives. I hope people with anxiety and mental illnesses look up at this post.

  15. I love playing online games. Its a great way to reduce stress.
    Writing journal and some me time as little as having a hot cup of tea in solitude helps me.

  16. Free online games. My mother used to do.it and I used to make fun of her. But yeah they are indeed good at reducing stress.

  17. Me time is what we always need to take time away from all hullabaloo. It much needed for our extended peace and harmony. Meditation also I swear by.

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