15 Independence day pledge need to be taken today.

Today we are celebrating our 75th Independence day and I urge every citizen of India to take a pledge and make our country a more proud nation on the globe.

  1. I pledge, to stand for truth at every cost.
  2. I pledge, to safeguard kids from crime against kids.
  3. I pledge, make sure discriminate no person on basis of caste, creed and culture.
  4. I pledge, to stand for every human beings right.
  5. I pledge, to follow rules of the country.
  6. I pledge, to educate people about the importance of education.
  7. I pledge, not to forward hatred messages on WhatsApp University.
  8. I pledge, to raise both genders with equality.
  9. I pledge, to stand by with my community.
  10. I pledge, to keep the heritage of my country safe.
  11. I pledge, not to trust rumors.
  12. I pledge, to trust our Indian law.
  13. I pledge, not to misuse the freedom we have.
  14. I pledge, to pass this heritage to next generation.
  15. I pledge, to take up equal responsibility in shaping my family, city, and country.
Independence day pledge

This Independence day pledge needs to be followed and I am proud of being an Indian which has given me everything. I owe my life to India.

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  1. Good thought, Ruchi. I hope I can follow many of them.

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