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When you have lit­tle baby or tod­dler at home, as a mom you are more care­ful and want your lit­tle one sound and peace­ful sleep and to this answer is Pam­pers pants. 

I am a big fan of Pam­pers since my daugh­ter was born and my rela­tion­ship is 9 years old with this best bud­dy of mine as this is most trust­ed one. 

When Viraj my lit­tle boy was born pre­ma­ture­ly my blind trust was again new­born pam­pers and from last 2 years he is hav­ing sound sleep and  I am also hav­ing a peace­ful nights. 

Pamper pants #MagicOf3

I real­ly feel great when got an invite to attend the launch event for Pam­pers #Magi­cOf3 where they launched their same pam­pers pants with an advanced ver­sion which was #Magi­cOf3 and can say it’s a next-gen dia­per.




What is #MagicOf3?

#Magi­cOf3 is basi­cal­ly extra absorbent chan­nels which real­ly ben­e­fi­cial for kids in their unique ways:

  1. The­se 3 chan­nels divide kids pee into the­se 3 chan­nels equal­ly.
  2. As it’s divid­ed equal­ly it made dia­per be a light­weight even if a kid is using it for 8 hours at stretch.
  3. It’s soft on the skin with amaz­ing breath­able mate­ri­al which def­i­nite­ly gives kids no rash­es.
  4. You can con­fi­den­tial­ly make our kid wear the­se pants with­out apply­ing rash creams as this has a lotion that helps in pre­ven­tion of acid harm released. 
  5. Easy to made them wear their stretchy 360-degree waist­band and leg cuffs.
  6. Now with the pre­mi­um pants, this is the best fea­ture for all par­ents Wet­ness indi­ca­tor. PampersWhen the yel­low mid­dle line which is wet­ness indi­ca­tor turns blue it’s time to change. Isn’t it great!!
  7. Allow­ing skin to breathe it has micro­p­ores which make kids hap­py and feel much com­fort­able.
  8. Now when full India is on swatch Bharat Abhiyan as a par­ent it’s our duty to dis­pose of dia­pers in right way and pam­pers have tape on it which for dis­pos­ing of just take it out roll and dis­pose of.
  9. Where our home­town is far off trav­el­ing is always on cards and pam­pers is my best trav­el­ing part­ner. 

Now, the­se are claims by the com­pa­ny and as a mom, I feel like to just why not to test this 3 chan­nel tech­nol­o­gy. 

Check out my test­ing video for #Magi­cOf3 Pam­pers pre­mi­um care pants.

Do let me know your pam­pered moments with your kids!!





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17 Thoughts to “Pampers pants”

  1. roopali gupta

    I through­out used pam­per for my kid. I was very hap­py with it

  2. d

    amaz­ing tech­nol­o­gy. Enjoyed the event with you

  3. Wow! Nice to know of this and love­ly cov­er­age by you! Great work 🙂

  4. Pam­per pants were are go to things when the twins were younger

  5. Great, I’ve used Pam­pers pants through­out my son’s Dia­per jour­ney. They are com­fy have bet­ter elas­tic­i­ty and yes the mate­ri­al is superb.

  6. Priyanka patwari

    Thank you pam­pers for 3 chan­nels equal­ly.. The mate­ri­al also very superb

  7. Wow this is amaz­ing pro­duct by pam­per. Loved the video.

  8. Pam­pers is an old and trust­ed brand with won­der­ful prod­ucts. Great that it is enhancibg its prod­ucts day by day.

  9. Pam­per pants looks amaz­ing for kids.. They look com­fy for kids..

  10. Joshita JJ

    This next gen pam­pers with mag­ic of 3 is a must try. Their wet­ness indi­ca­tor is an use­ful fea­ture…

  11. That looks like a great event! I have seen my friends using this brand for their kids and they total­ly love it

  12. Oh my God…that’s some good stuff.…need this Pam­pers for my baby

  13. My Aunt uses pam­pers for my lil cous­in and he feels so com­fort­able!

  14. I have always loved using pam­per pants for both my daugh­ters. They are best

  15. Pam­pers is equal to dia­per for my son. He still uses pre­mi­um pants though now I am tryig to pot­ty tan him as he is almost 3.

  16. Papri Ganguly

    The new and improved pam­pers dia­pers ate real­ly good option to try out for infant and tod­dler.

  17. Pam­pers is one of the trust­ed brands which we all have used for our lit­tle one’s and they are real­ly good!

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