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Year’s most await­ed day of the year “Children’s day” and it becomes more won­der­ful when added to “Children’s day gifts”

I remem­ber my child­hood and still trea­sure those school days mem­o­ries when we reach school and after assem­bly, some skits and songs and full day play­ing and hav­ing a good time.

There used to sports com­pe­ti­tion between stu­dents and teach­ers team of vol­ley­ball, bas­ket­ball, and bad­minton. Sweet dis­tri­b­u­tion wraps the day from school.

In our colony, there used to be one aun­ty who always used to gift some­thing to all kids who goes to play on her lawn.

Gifts as every child love and so we do. Shar­ing some Children’s day gift­ing idea so that you too can make their day more spe­cial.

1. Books:

Children's day gifts

Books are anybody’s best friend and I had a huge col­lec­tion of sto­ry­books in my child­hood. I love get­ting dif­fer­ent sto­ry books. 

Gift child his/her best friend in life books and let them trea­sure that. 

2. Puzzle game:

Children's Day gifts

This is again one of my fav puz­zle games. Puz­zle games are avail­able in the mar­ket for every age group and in so much of dif­fer­ent vari­ety. 

Let kids run their brains and enjoy solv­ing Puz­zle games.

3. Car set:

Childrens day gifts

My son is real­ly fas­ci­nat­ed nowa­days for pull­back cars so I feel this is yet anoth­er great option for kids gift on this Children’s day. 

Let them do zip, zap, zoom­m­m­m­mm.

4. Tent house:

This is some­thing I feel I have missed in my child­hood and now every child loves it. We use to make our house or tent with bed­sheets and all. 

Childrens Day gift

So, this Children’s day gift one to your child and let them enjoy their camp­ing.

5. Badminton Set:

It’s some­times hard to tell kids to switch off TV and tablets and go out to play. This gift will sure let them make hap­pier and they will urge to go out and play with friends.

Chidren's Day

Gift bad­minton set for your kid­dos they will sure­ly enjoy and love it.

6. Blocks for toddlers:

Children’s day is for every age group of kids and for tod­dlers I feel this is the best gift. 

Children;s day gifts

They play and they will learn to give you best sat­is­fac­tion with a big smile 🙂 so gift they this block game.

7. ABC Carpet:

Most of the time we see our kids sit on the floor and play or do fun with friends. 

This Children’s day gift them their own car­pet with some col­or­ful char­ac­ters or ABC

Children's day gift

8. Soft toys:

Every child loves soft toys so, why not to include on your list. Gift them their pooh, ted­dy, pug and so on. 

Children's day gifts

9. Watches:

I per­son­al­ly feel if your child is 6 years old and above you can close your eyes and gift them watch­es any­time.

Children's day gift

I am see­ing my grow­ing girl so much crazy about new watch­es every day. Gift them beau­ti­ful and col­or­ful watch­es avail­able eas­i­ly.

10. Cadbury Chocolates:

Being Indi­an we can’t com­plete any fes­ti­val with­out sweets and choco­lates. So this year too add for sure Cad­bury Choco­lates on your list as it’s not only loved by kids but by every age group. 

Children's day gifts


kuch meetha ho jaye on this Children’s day. 

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25 Thoughts to “Children’s day gifts”

  1. This is such a won­der­ful and quirky list of chil­dren day gift­ing options.
    Thanks for shar­ing.

  2. beau­ti­ful gift col­lec­tion for kids

    1. wigglingpen

      Thanks ..Do par­tic­i­pate in con­test link too 🙂 and win

  3. You have shared some good gift­ing options for kids. And yes, CDM is one of the favorites among kids.

  4. The­se ideas are sure­ly amaz­ing. Will bring a smile to the lit­tle angels

  5. Bad­minton set is a great and fun idea to be active and have fun as a fam­i­ly

  6. I would any day love to gift tent house to kid. Depends on my afford­abil­i­ty off course. They are my child­hood love.

  7. wow super gift­ing ideas.. Real­ly love it spe­cial­ly Cad­bury Choco­lates bring smile to all kids

  8. Great com­pi­la­tion. i like diary milk. I too can eat then

  9. Based on your idea and kid’s demands, we have already gift­ed them Cadbury’s Dairy Milk

  10. Prerna Sinha

    Books..books and books any­day for my kids. Some love­ly ideas here ?

  11. Amaz­ing ideas for kids gift­ing for children’s day. That car set for my lit­tle son and tent house or bad­minton set for my daugh­ter looks per­fect ideas of gift­ing for my kids. Won­der­ful col­lec­tion of gift idea. Real­ly help­ful for many to choose right gift for kids.

  12. My kids love choco­lates and books. Am plan­ning to gift them some­thing nice. 🙂

  13. My son loves sto­ry books. I make sure to get him a new one in every 2–3 months. Great tips on gifts for kids. always going to be help­ful.

  14. I remem­ber gift­ing my lil broth­er tent. He used to love it a lot. It’s one of the best option to gift

  15. Amaz­ing gift ideas for children’s day.
    Cad­bury Choco­lates are my all time favorite gift option. Thanks for shar­ing.

  16. The­se are such fun filled ideas… I’m sure kids will enjoy

  17. Amrita

    Books and choco­lates make the best gifts.Adored all the options you men­tioned.

  18. ABC car­pet and cad­bury my son will sim­ply love while enjoy­ing indoor.

  19. Awe­some ideas.. I still crave for books and that has been ever since I was a kid.

  20. The­se tips real­ly helped. I got the cool tent for my girls.

  21. Papri Ganguly

    Such a beau­ti­ful and cute ideas for children’s day gift­ing.

  22. Such an amaz­ing list for chil­dren gift 🙂

  23. Wow this looks like an amaz­ing list.…. Loved all the ideas and gifts 


  24. Dr. Farhat Sultana

    Good com­pi­la­tion of gifts. Will be get­ting that tent house soon for my kid­do. Loved read­ing it.

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