Navrati-Day 2- Maa Bharmacharini


Day 2: MATA BRAHMACHARINIMaa Brah­macharini is the sec­ond man­i­fes­ta­tion of Maa Dur­ga who is wor­ship­pied on the sec­ond day of Navra­tri.


She holds a rosary in her right hand and Kaman­dalu in her left. SHE per­son­i­fies love and loy­al­ty. Mata Bhra­macharni is store-house of knowl­edge and wis­dom. Rudrak­sha is HER most adorned orna­ment. When she was incar­nat­ed as the daugh­ter of Himalaya, then influ­enced by the instruc­tions of Devr­ishi Narada, she prac­ticed very hard penances in order to obtain Lord Shiva as her divine con­sort. Due to her unearth­ly penances she was ter­med as Brah­macharini. She spent one thou­sand years, only on fruits and beet-roots. One hun­dred years she spent only by eat­ing leafy vegetables.After such a dif­fi­cult rou­tine she lived only on dry Bil­va pat­taras (leaves) fal­l­en on the ground for three thou­sand years. She kept her engrossed for twen­ty-four hours in wor­ship­ing Lord Shiva.

Ulti­mate­ly Lord Brah­ma addressed her and said to her in a very pleas­ant man­ner-O God­dess, so far nobody has ever prac­ticed such an aus­tere penance. Only you could have done it. This won­der­ful deed is being praised in all the four quar­ters. Your desire would be ful­filled. You will decid­ed­ly get Lord Shiva as your divine con­sort.

She holds a rosary in her right hand and a water uten­sil in her left hand. She is bliss­ful and endows hap­pi­ness, peace, pros­per­i­ty and grace upon all devo­tees who wor­ship her.

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