Multi talent beauty!!


In my life I came across many people but few mark impression in your life just by simple things. My mother is my biggest inspiration of life but this post I want to dedicate a friend of mine who is not only beautiful from outside but also her heart is of gold.


Juhi, we met in 2001 in Bangalore when I entered for my post-graduation, we were in the same hostel and batchmates. First impression what I got “she looks like Madhubala, beautiful with an evergreen smile on her face”.

When we became friends, I got to know about her so much and importantly about her multitalented personality. Her heart is of gold, always ready as a friend, sister, colleague to stand by you and help you!!


Slowly when we got to know each other, I encountered her multi-talents like the first thing she is one of the strong girls in my hostel being from Chittorgarh, it may be inbuild quality she inherited….she is one of the great dancer I know just like me biggggg wali Jabra fan of Madhuri Dixit.


Loving daughter of her parents and adorable sister of Rahul Bhaiya. I know she was very close to her Nani…


Well, let me tell you things which really make her a Perfect woman is her multitasking quality. She completed her MBA joined Monster and was really doing very well in that, she is a daughter on whom every mother would be proud of taking care of & balancing her family with her vivacious smile, she left the job for good and not only looking forward to her beautiful little princess “Shierly” but living her dreams on her conditions.


She is a wonderful dancer taught Bollywood, folk dances to kids, ladies and above all living her dream of cooking and started her small venture name of Shirley & Juhi’s Kitchen.



She is living example of women proving that “If you want to live for your family, dreams, passion nothing could stop you, it just how you want to fulfill it …no excuse can stop you”

Juhi, I’m proud of you !! proud being your friend from so many years…. you are one such living example of perfect women who blend family & dreams so well and live to fullest…

God bless you & your family


Love you, darling ……


Don’t forget to like her page  Shirley & Juhi’s Kitchen.

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18 thoughts on “Multi talent beauty!!

  1. So nice of you to share about your wonderful friend. The world needs more and more such persons especially females. You are damn lucky to get her as your friend.

    Jitendra Mathur

  2. That is why someone, a great , has said – ” A friend indeed is a friend in need ” .And as the author has revealed qualities of her friends,that adds not only one feather but lot of ones to the said proverb . During the times when everyone has gone proved selfish, involved in vested interests, a good friend and his/her friendship has become a thing of rare and precious treasure. Lucky are those who are bestowed with good friendship to enjoy forever.

    Parshuram Gautampurkar

  3. Hey Ruchi…greatly expressed. May this friendship lasts forever ?
    And Juhi, we never knew ur talent during collage days. God bless you both ??

  4. Hey Ruchi…greatly expressed. May this friendship lasts forever ?
    And Juhi, we never knew ur talent during collage days. God bless you both ??

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