Men’s winter fashion- Must have v/s Good to have

Men’s winter fashion- Must have v/s Good to have

January 8, 2020 23 By Ruchi Verma

Winter’s one of my fav season of the year. I believe that Winter season comes with celebration, a celebration of some good yummy food, warmth, comfort and yes fashion.

Men’s fashion is something we always underestimate but I feel Men’s winter fashion is just awesome with a different set of fashion clothes and accessories. While visiting for a friend’s birthday in the mall I could only see the sale on winter wear all around. Being an online shopper I immediately checked my fav apps and deals as winter bring my hubby’s birthday too.

But, I really believe and feel that before shopping we should be aware very well that what is really must to have and what is good to have.

Winters and requirement for winter clothes vary from city to city, country to country. Like in Mumbai fewer winter clothes can make you feel comfortable and happy winters rather than people living on the mountain or northern India need good winter wear.

Sharing this winter season what a man must have in his wardrobe.

Must to Have Good to Have
Woolen Jackets/ Cheaters Leather Jacket
Sweaters Men’s Cardigan
Woolen Coat Over Coat
Sweatshirt Hoodie
Jeans Woolen Pants
Shoes Boots

Woolen Jackets/Cheaters

Men's Winter fashion

Now as wool is one of the really great fabric for winter wear. With every day dropping temperature Woolen jackets and cheaters are really trendy. This not only gives you style but also looks trendy and saves you from chilling air and dropping temperature. Now, this is something you must have in your closet a woolen Jacket or a Cheaters.

Wind Cheaters are also well known as a windbreaker. Now, this is also a must to have as it is stylish and protects a lot from winter chills.

Good to have a leather jacket but from my side Must have is woolen Jackets or windcheaters.


The next item under men’s winter collection should be pairs of sweaters. Woolen sweaters are always required and needed. Made up with wool and good to protect with layers this is best and must to have in your winter collection.

Well, Men’s cardigan is one thing which very much looks stylish with zipper or buttons but it is not so good for chili weather so from my end it’s Good to have not just to have.

Woolen coat

As much as woolen sweaters, jackets are important, woolen coats are a must to have. Be it office meetings or family function/marriage woolen coats are just look classy and stylish. To compare with Overcoats, it is good to have but for daily formals which work is woolen coat.


Now, when I mention sweaters, jackets, windcheaters are great to have this winter season why Sweatshirt?

Men's Winter Fashion

Yes, this is must-have this season in men’s fashion collection as it looks not only stylish but it is very comfortable and easily absorbs sweat and keeps body sweat-free. For travel, hang out with friends this is a must to have.

Always, when I compare Sweatshirt and hoodie, I really feel hoodies are good to have over a sweatshirt.


Denim and jeans are something really must to have as it is very comfortable and easy to maintain.

Be it any traveling, meetups or casual wear you can trust on your pair of denim jeans. It’s good to have woolen pants which you can switch sometimes during winters.


Formal shoes or sports shoes definitely take thumps up and must to have in this men’s winter fashion list. In winters, you just can’t step outside in floaters or slippers. It is good to have boots if you want to have but it is only useful if you are staying in the mountains or places with high snowfall.

Apart from these Socks, gloves and mufflers are must to have.

So are you ready to look stylish, cool and at the same time comfortable this winter season?

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