List Of Best Indian Blogs To Follow- June 2022

When I published a list of the top 13 mom bloggers to follow, received emails to share a list that not only cover the best parenting blogs in India but the best Indian blogs from different niches to be followed.

Being a blogger myself, I know the hard work and time that goes behind a single article and it comes with great responsibility. One profession where you are your own boss, writing your heart out and getting satisfaction sharing your thoughts and reaching millions of people across the globe.

I was literally in a dilemma about how to rank or share the list, but finally sharing the list in category-wise, alphabetic order. The list is on the basis of Content, quality, relevancy, SEO, and other parameters.


Best Education Blogs In India-2022

There are many educational blogs available on the internet and the main focus of these blogs is to give correct information related to courses, subjects, colleges, institutes, and much more. It helps share knowledge and spread awareness. Listing 5 top educational blogs in India to follow according to alphabetic order.

  1. :
    Blogger Name: Aesha Shah
    Mumbai Based Blogger, Career counselor Aesha shah shares educational and career-related articles for students and parents. Recently she shared 26 posts about different career options in her A2Z series.
  2. :
    Blogger Name: Swati Mathur
    Swati Mathur is a certified Image consultant, trainer, employability and job coach, EQ coach and Life coach her blog focuses on critical life skills and how to upgrade and enrich personal appearance, communication skills, and behavior to be consistent in life.
    Blogger Name: Deepa Gandhi
    Bangalore-based mother of two girls, Deepa Gandhi is an educationist, dietician, and choreographer, she writes about education, reviews schools, and even runs her education buddy program with experts who help solve the queries related to education, studies, and learning of parents, students, and educators.
  4. :
    Blogger Name: Ghanendra Yadav and Pramod Kumar
    If you are an aspiring CS or even an IT student, this side from the duo is best for all solutions. Articles are well researched and written for all tech students and CS professionals.
  5. :
    Blogger Name: Neha Tambe
    Qualified with in Master’s in Mass Communication, Pune-based Neha Tambe shares brilliant articles on education, aspiring students for different fields even information about abroad studies.

Best Finance Blogs In India-2022

Having a good knowledge of finance is important to invest in the right place and save your money, there are so many finance blogs but the among them the best Indian blogs in finance are listed below in alphabetic order. Bookmark them for future reference.

    Blogger: Lancelot Quadras
    Lancelot shares a good informative and well-researched article on his blog related to finance and marked his position among the best Indian blogs. He recently published detailed posts on various topics of crypto.
    Blogger: Hansa Kajaria
    Mumbai-based Hansa holds a finance degree and has 6 years of work experience as a Financial Analyst in the Insurance Sector, she shares all details about finances which are less known to readers and every article marked place well on google under finance.
  3. :
    Blogger: Raghav Dudeja
    A Business Analyst, Raghav an engineer in Computer Science and Technology is a tech enthusiast and shares his esteemed knowledge through his blog in finance and tech. You must check this blog which is surely deserved to be marked under best Indian blogs.
    Blogger: Lijo Francis
    Lijo Francis, owner of the mango people believes that “Financial education is more sidelined in our life and in our school educational system. It is taught to us at a later stage of life.” thus, he shares finance in simple ways to educate people about money.
    Blogger: Gunjan Upadhyay
    Mom with amazing 12 years of cooperative experience Gunjan shares the basics of financial articles which are important for day-to-day life. Her financial articles are helpful for women across the globe to understand the basics and importance of money and finance.

Best Health Blogs In India-2022

If financial blogs are important, health blogs hold more importance and responsibility-sharing well-researched posts and articles which can educate readers about the right health solutions and guidance related to their healthy lifestyle. Listed the 5 best Indian blogs in the health category in alphabetical order.

    Blogger: Dr. Bushra
    Doctor by profession, Bushra shares the right information for women’s lifestyle and wellness. She founded this blog to educate women about how a healthy lifestyle is important and how we can achieve it.
    Blogger: Varsha Bagadia
    Mumbai-based Varsha is an inspiration for many mothers and people around as she promised and shared the healthy lifestyle tips and tricks to be followed and stay fit. Her transformation journey is shared on her blog with healthy tips.
    Blogger: Dr. Amrita
    If you are looking for a detailed, well-researched health-related topic, this blog covers all. Dr. Amrita is also a published author with different health-related e-books available on different platforms. This blog marked its place in the best Indian blogs under the health category.
    Blogger: Joel Danie
    A surgeon by profession Joel decided to follow his passion for writing and sharing health-related articles and recently his A2Z series on different diseases and problems is well researched and quite informative.
    Blogger: Dr. Surbhi Prapanna
    Surbhi is a mom and a homeopathic therapist by profession, who shares very well-researched, detailed articles on different health problems and their treatments with homeopathy. This blog must be bookmarked for future reference as the best Indian blogs under the health category.

Best Lifestyle Blogs In India-2022

Lifestyle blogs matter a lot, as we all learn from the lessons from others’ life, positive or negative when someone shared their experiences it helps us to evolve and grow. The top 5 lifestyle blogs in India are listed below in alphabetical order.

    Blogger: Snehalata Jain
    Mumbai-based Snehlata shares her experiences from day-to-day life in her articles. Even she writes about how to travel with kids and different aspects of life. Microbiologist and mother of two kids, her blog is among the list of best Indian blogs of 2022 to be followed.
    Blogger: Dipika Singh
    With over a decade of experience in the banking sector, MBA professional Dipika Singh shares small and big details from daily life, which is well researched and informative to readers. Must follow her blog if you are looking for some great tips and tricks to maintain a happy lifestyle.
    Blogger: Rakhi Parsai
    Banagalore-based Rakhi, is a communications & PR professional, she loves to share her thoughts and views through her blog and writes on lifestyle including home decor and parenting.
    Blogger: Priyal Poddar
    Priyal, is passionate about writing and shares her journey of life through her blog. She writes about different aspects of life and lifestyle. Bookmark her blog for quick tips on any lifestyle-related topic.
    Blogger: Meenakshi
    Meenakshi is an avid writer who writes for national and international publications. Her blog shares the reviews and more about different brands both national and international. She covers lifestyle with her travel stories.
Best Indian Blogs

Best Parenting Blogs In India-2022

Raising kids is a full time job, their is no shortcut and every parent and their parenting is the best. From parenting blogs, we learn about the experiences of others and try to implement what’s best for any parent. If you have a growing teen at home, and want to read my life experience growing my teen. Get your copy of my published book “GROWING UP WITH TEENS” NOW.

Listed below are the best Indian Blogs in the parenting category for the year 2022.

    Blogger: Vaishali
    This blog is one stop solution for all parenting questions. It shares all required information on parenting, mom life, and baby & child care. This blog is certainly among the best Indian blogs in the parenting category.
    Blogger: Jhilmil Bhansali
    With 10 years of corporate experience in Marketing, Jhilmil is a mother of curious boy and shares her amazing parenting journey with simple tips and even she writes exclusively on saving mother earth with sustainable living.
    Blogger: Charu Sareen
    Charu is Bangalore based blogger, mother of twins and a former teacher and an English language trainer by profession. She believes that every motherhood moment is a blessing and need to be recorded and so she shares her motherhood experiences and is listed among the best Indian blogs in the parenting category.
    Blogger: Alpana Deo
    Alpana is a wonderful writer, blogger, and podcaster, she believes that ” parenting with confidence comes from knowledge; parenting with grace comes from insight.” She shares her experiences and journey of motherhood so that her readers get real-life examples to understand.
    Blogger: Preetjyot Kaur
    Internationally Accredited Life Coach for Kids and a Parenting Coach, Preetjyot writes and share on much needed topics to be discussed with kids and parents, she is among those bloggers who are vocal about bullying and other social issues and she is undoubtedly listed as the best Indian blogs for parenting category.

Best Travel Blogs In India-2022

Traveling and going on vacations are much needed for every family. But when you get the right information with the correct route to arrive at your dream destination nothing else matters. Listing below 5 amazing travel blogs need to be followed for travel details in alphabetically order.

    Blogger: Karthik Murali H
    SImple and all detailed information national and international is available on Karthik’s blog. He shares the first-hand experiences of his travel through his Blog with detailed itineraries. If you are planning a trip to India or abroad must check this travel blog under best Indian Blogs 2022.
    Blogger: Chandresh Jain and Jhilmil
    Chandresh and his family love to travel and within 5 years they have already covered 56 cities, 18 states, and 6 countries including a marathon trip of 15 days to Italy and it’s still counting. They share their honest experience of traveling and their articles are quite helpful in planning travel with family.
    Bloggers: Sandy and Vyjay
    Another travel duo marked their place in best Indian blogs under the travel category with their so much detailed articles about each visited place. You can blindly trust their article with places to visit, travel routes, and even local food.
    Blogger: Atulmaharaj 
    Atul is a travel lover and loves to register his travel memories and share them with his readers. His favorite quote defines why one should follow his blog “Traveling is like reading a book, one who hasn’t traveled, hasn’t turned a page.” No wonder this blog is must follow and among the best Indian blogs.
    Blogger: Raksha Nagaraj
    Raksha started her blog in 2015 with a thought to share and promote female solo traveling across the globe. Based in India and Australia she shares most of her travel stories around these two countries including others. Bookmark this blog for next travel plans.

This list is purely based on content, consistency, and a few other parameters alphabetically order(NOT PAID LISTING). Let me know which niche top bloggers list you wish to see next and if you think we missed any blog which needs to be mentioned in the list. Please mention this in the comment section below.

Copyright: © Ruchi Verma

Disclaimer – This article is an advisory piece. The opinions expressed in this post are the personal views of the author. They do not reflect the views of any brand. 


Ruchi Verma

Certified parenting teen practitioner, multiple Award winner, mother of two active kids believes in sharing the right source of information to readers which could help them in every possible way!!

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