10 Tips To Consider Before Buying A New Car

Buying A new car

Buying a new car is an exciting experience, and when it’s your first time, the happiness and excitement of that moment can not be described in words, I know.

Before buying your new car, there are several things you need to consider, so you do not end up getting a car that every time you see it makes you regret. In this article, I have shared 10 Tips You Need To Consider Before Buying A New Car.

These tips will help you invest your money in the right car that you need and that can be worth buying.

Let me walk you through each one of them.

10 Tips To Consider Before Buying A New Car

1. Do Your Research

Doing your own research is one of the most important things whenever you are buying something. It will help you narrow down your choices and find the right fit for you.

While doing your research keep in mind your budget, your needs, future maintenance expenses, etc, it will give you a better insight into what you should look for and it will guide you in making a better purchase decision.

Asking your family members, friends, colleagues, etc for recommendations, on what car you should purchase can be very helpful.

While doing your research you might come across some beautiful but expensive cars, but keep in mind, never fall for them because at present they might look like a worthy purchase, but in the future, it is going to hurt your pocket.

2. Maintenance Cost

After the research period, once you’ve found the perfect car, it’s time to start researching its maintenance cost. How much does it cost to keep up with regular maintenance of the car?

New cars work perfectly and smoothly and if you want them to be in the same condition, then maintenance is necessary, you have to spend money every now and then on their maintenance. Usually once every 2-3 months to make sure parts like the engine, etc are working fine.

3. Checking Safety Rating & Features

Safety is a non-negotiable feature of a car, while buying a new car never forget to research the safety ratings and features before buying a new car.

Safety ratings are based on crash tests conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). They measure how well a vehicle protects passengers during crashes.

Another thing to think about is safety features. These days, cars come with more safety features than ever before. They offer advanced technology such as collision avoidance systems, lane departure warnings, blind-spot monitoring, and automatic emergency braking.

4. Price

Budgeting and financing are one of the first things you need to keep in mind before buying a car. You need to determine how much money you can spend to afford the car, if you are buying on EMI, what the monthly payments will be, etc.

After deciding which car you want to purchase, you can calculate the monthly payments, using CarPayment, which is an easy-to-use online tool.

While purchasing a car also keep in mind at the showroom, you might be offered your dream car at an ex-showroom price just to make the offer look tempting to you and this is not the final price of the car. The on-road price is the final price of your car. 
In addition, once you have a car in mind, do your research thoroughly, on sites such as invoice Pricing to ensure that you know what the dealer paid for the car. With this information, you will be well-placed to negotiate and be well on your way to getting the best deal possible.

5. Warranty

You should also check out the warranty offered with the car. This will ensure that you are covered in case something goes wrong with the vehicle. It’s also worth noting that some dealerships offer extended warranties as well.

Warranties give you a sense of relief that if anything goes wrong with any part of the vehicle, the repairs will be affordable.

Buying a New Car

6. Car Body Type

The body type of the car is directly linked to comfort, luxury, elegance, maintenance, etc. While purchasing a new car, you need to consider the body type of your car, whether you want a sedan, SUV, or Hatchback.

If you are looking for luxury, then no questions asked Sedan is your go-to body type, if you are looking for comfort and more space then SUV will be the best for you.

7. Petrol, diesel, or CNG?

There are three main fuel types used in cars today: petrol, diesel, and compressed natural gas (CNG). Each has its own pros and cons.

Petrol engines use liquid petroleum as fuel. Diesel engines use heavy oil as fuel. They are more powerful than petrol engines. CNG engines use natural gas as fuel. They are very efficient, but they require special equipment to convert the gas into a usable form.

8. Your Needs

Before buying a new car, ask yourself, What do you need a car for? What are your needs? If you plan to use your car for daily use, then you might want to opt for something with more good fuel economy. However, if you plan to use your vehicle for occasions only, then you should look for a car with a good appearance, power, etc.

If you’re looking for a cheap car, then you might consider a petrol engine. Petrol engines are generally cheaper to buy and maintain than diesel engines. However, they do not last as long as diesel engines.

Diesel engines are much more powerful than petrol engines. This means they will give you better performance and acceleration. However, they are more expensive to purchase and operate.

CNG engines are the most environmentally friendly option available. They are extremely efficient, but they are also quite costly to purchase and operate.

9. Transmission

Transmission is yet another important thing you need to consider before making a purchase.

Nowadays automatic transmissions are very popular, cars with automatic transmissions offer a comfortable ride as compared to manual ones. If you are tired of shifting gears from time to time while driving, then cars with automatic transmissions are for you.

But keep in mind the price of cars with automatic transmissions is high as compared to the usual manual ones.

10. Test Drive

If you’re looking to buy a new car, there are several important things you need to consider before making a purchase and one of them is a test drive. After shortlisting a car on various metrics and dimensions, do not forget to take a test drive before you actually buy it.

While taking the test drive, make sure you are feeling comfortable in the car, explore the features of the car, and cross-check whether the car’s size and functionality go as per your needs or not.

I hope my article was helpful as well as insightful and you enjoyed reading 10 Tips To Consider Before Buying A New Car.

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  1. Whether it be your first car second, buying a new car is always a special feeling. But many things should be taken into consideration. This will allow us to enjoy it without any unnecessary tension.

  2. Fuel choice and safety equipment matter a lot when it comes to selecting a car. One must be assured of a smooth and comfortable ride, for that price sometimes takes a backseat.

  3. Buying a car is a big decision and with government policies changing every year, one must consider those too before putting money into a particular model. Great practical tips- very useful!

  4. Wow, Ruchi. This is in-depth research for buying a car. Anyone following your tips will end up buying the perfect car suited to their needs. When I buy a car, I just see that it is small..convenient for parking and gives good mileage. Now I know how many things I should check out..thank you.

  5. It is deemed necessary to know the details and have proper information before buying a new car. You have very well calibrated the points here.

  6. Buying a car is an expensive and important decision and we should take care of each and every aspect before making final purchase. You have listed all important details so well in this post. Will help perspective car buyers to make good decision.

  7. Buying a car is very important decision of life and needs lot of research. Considering budget, insurance and loans are major factors, this post shall help all the future buyers to make list of factors to consider prior purchase.

  8. Investing in new car definitely requires lot of research. And these pointer can make our life really easy. For me mileage and maintainance cost matter a lot. Thanks for these valuable suggestions.

  9. Maintenance cost is one point that many of them ignore. While buying a car even if the price is high if the maintenance cost is low in the long run it is profitable. Mileage is also an important point these days,

  10. In today’s world…expensive ..world ..buying a car is a very big investment and all the aspects need to be considered well before the final decision.

  11. Thanks Ruchi it is really helpful. All 10 points very very valid. U love the way you have explained the maintenance cost point. That is so valid. Investing into a car definitely require more research. Thanks for this article.

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