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Chef Parag tru­ly love thane & peo­ple of thane so he want­ed to serve peo­ple here some dif­fer­ent out of box dish­es and he is suc­cess­ful with his total­ly dif­fer­ent con­cept of siz­zlers.

I’m For­food­iefam­i­ly already got a chance to review his fan­tas­tic Restu­rant & you all already read about it here

We just got a chance to have a quick chit chat with won­der­ful n friend­ly chef …
For­food­iefam­i­ly: Every­one has their idol or inspi­ra­tion in life. Who is your?

Chef: My Idol is my pro­fes­sor Mr. Pusegaonkar who was my Con­fec­tionary teacher and men­tor.

For­food­iefam­i­ly: What is your style of cook­ing ?

Chef : My style of cook­ing is pas­sion­ate food, and i am pas­sion­ate for cook­ing Indi­an Food.

For­food­iefam­i­ly: Which is your sig­na­ture dish?

Chef : I love cook­ing a per­fect Dum Biryani & But­ter Chick­en

For­food­iefam­i­ly: Is there any secret ingre­di­ent you use in your dish­es?

Chef : My secret ingre­di­ent is my heart, my pas­sion, & my love to serve good food to my clients

For­food­iefam­i­ly: How you came up with an idea of Siz­zle desi?

Chef : I always want­ed to open a siz­zler restau­rant in Thane, The name Siz­zle Desi was sug­gest­ed by my daugh­ter Meera and her two cousins Mad­hu­ra & Rama who assist­ed her in choos­ing the name. I want­ed to do world cuisine on a siz­zler plate.

For­food­iefam­i­ly: Siz­zle desi is famous of its own unique kind of boom­ing Restu­rant in mum­bai who is giv­ing out of box siz­zlers to food­ie cus­tomers, which is your fav dish?

Chef : I am a hard core Indi­an food freek, My fav dish is Nal­li Nihari

For­food­iefam­i­ly: Does your daugh­ter Meera demands you to cook any­thing spe­cial for her at home ?

Chef : Yes Meera makes me cook a per­fect pas­ta & but­ter chick­en.

Chef with his daughter & biggest supporter his wife!!

For­food­iefam­i­ly: Any mes­sage to read­ers ??

Chef: Come & Siz­zle with us in our own desi style.

If you are in Thane don’t miss out yum­my siz­zlers in desi style


Siz­zle Desi Restau­rant
1, Trishul Apt,
East­ern Express High­way Ser­vice Road
Besides Cel­e­bra­tion hall
Thane 400602

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