It was a beautiful day on 11 Dec 1999 when Mr.Animesh Nandy & Mrs Jui Nandy were extremely happy as they were blessed with a beautiful angel on earth & they named her “ANTARA” and a singing star arrived for world ….

ANTARA singing talent was spotted at a very early age of 4 years and she started her training under the guidance of Padmashree Ustaad Rashid Khan ji & her unending journey in field of music begun … Later she started taking vocal lessons from Ustaad Wassem Ahmed Khan in ITC SANGEET RESEARCH ACADEMY &  landed to K.M Music Conservatory founded by A.R.Rahman in 2013.

Her list of achievements is long starting from sa re ga ma pa  lil champs to winning the “Best Music – Video ” category in Delhi Shorts International Film Festival-2016 for her own composition & music “YA DEVI “


Latest her clap song PINGA from Bajirao Mastani with her younger sister Ankita is big sensation over all social media… Check that out here

At such young age she is sensational so forfoodiefamily thought this gal who is a family gal , love and respect her parents and share her secrets with little sister Ankita and carry herself with pride and dignity & gives music and education equal values … Let’s us have a quick connection with her and a quick chit chat for readers of forfoodiefamily….

Forfoodiefamily # What inspire you ??

ANTARA # Music , Achievement and happiness inspires me.

Forfoodiefamily # What are your strength??

ANTARA # Support from my family is my strength. My parents and my little sister Ankita are my core strengths apart from my Guru’s , Teachers and Friends and Fans.

Forfoodiefamily # Favorite lyricist & singer from industry?

ANTARA #Javed Akhter Sir when it comes to Poetry in the Lyrics and Offcourse Lata Ji & Asha Ma.

Forfoodiefamily # Ya Devi – wins the judges choice award in the Mumbai Shorts International film festival-2k16 …how do u feel?? Any special memories connected to this??

ANTARA #Yes, this was my first composition and the cause of the song / video was “Celebrating Womanhood” , this made the award special indeed. Will continue to do such work along with some diverse kind of music as well.

Forfoodiefamily # As readers are real foodie here want to know Which is your fav dish cooked by your mom ??

ANTARA #I am a foodie and can never say no to foods but yes at times try to control too much Carbohydrades , Sweets , Icecreams etc. I love Kolkata Biriani , Chicken roasted and Cakes which Ma prepares at times for us.

Forfoodiefamily # What one advice for kids who are chasing their dreams??

ANTARA # Do what you love and pursue your passion till you achieve it but do not neglect studies which is also important today.

Forfoodiefamily # Anything you want to share with readers here??

ANTARA # I will have more releases after I complete my 12th next year and then I will have more projects and Live Events for all of you. Meantime keep blessing , keep supporting and keep promoting and subscribing to my Page and Channel.

Forfoodiefamily # Thanks a lot ANTARA for taking out time for all my readers and yes on behalf of everyone reading this we all want to wish you a Good Luck for your 12th and all others dreams !!! May you get success …

ANTARA with her lovely family


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Keep smiling and entertaining us !!! 


Ruchi Verma

Certified parenting teen practitioner, multiple Award winner, mother of two active kids believes in sharing the right source of information to readers which could help them in every possible way!!

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  1. It’s really amazing interview…. Loved it

    1. Thanks Ghun !! ? Do follow her on all social media amazing talent not to b missed !!

  2. One word For Antaras’s voice
    Really nice song ya devi
    Really Love To Ready Your Blog 🙂 Ruchi Ji 🙂 Good Luck To You

    1. Thanks Pavni!!! Great to see your comment here do follow her too on her social networks

  3. Achieving Great heights at a very young age….. Best Wishes for her future….. Loved to read all her replies. 🙂

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