How music helps in mental health and its benefits

Music helps in mental health

Music is the language of the spirit. It opens the secret of life bringing peace, abolishing strife.

Kahlil Gibran

Music is an incredible thing it not only entertain you but also gives so much positive effect to our brain. It has so many physiological benefits and helps a lot to energize our body, keep our mind relax and forget our pains.

In short, we can always say that music has the power to improve our physical, emotional, and mental health. According to Neurological researchers, they have found that listening to music triggers several neurochemicals to release that play a vital role in brain function and mental health.

Music therapy is best as music helps mental health in different ways:

1. Music reduces mental stress

During this pandemic, stress is something which is very common in every human being’s life. Listening to music helps you to reduce and manage stress, there is meditative music that soothes the mind and inducing relaxation.

To reduce stress the best is to play soft, ambient music at home whether you listen it will provide you calm and creates genres of music that will help to reduce stress.

Courtesy: Meditation Relax Music

2. Music improves your mood

I always follow this, if I have a bad day music is something always uplifted my mood and it makes me relax. There are so many songs available on every musical app which are categorised now according to your mood. This is without mentioning planning forward to go to a concert or performance of an artist you like. Not only does it get you up and active but it can also be a great deal of fun to join in with the rest of the crowd – it’s as simple as using a ticket purchase platform like Ticketsmarter and searching for tickets, whether that’s for a massive global megastar like Beyoncé, Morgan Wallen tickets, or whoever your favorite artist may be.

Music helps in mental health in various ways but your remember the happy musical tones and lyrics can elevate your mood and empower you for the day ahead.

3. Music can reduce depression

People suffering from depression or mental health can take the help of music as music therapy is a safe, low-risk way to reduce anxiety and depression.

There are so many musical tracks for relaxing and to reduce depression, play these tracks, calm music, devotional songs will help your mental health.

Meditation and Healing

4. Music motivates

Music is the best therapy if you want to exercise and during this time when we all are more focused on our all three health issues that are mental, emotional, and physical, music helps in all these three.

It is so easy to exercise, walk an extra mile while listening to the music you love and that motivates you. For your workout sessions make sure you have your playlist ready to play and it will boost your energy and motivation and make your workout session more enjoyable.

Dance With Deepti

5. Improves your sleep

One of the serious problem many people face and no matter of what age group is of Insomnia. The best solution to this problem is to listen relaxing music which you love as it is safe, affordable and effective remedy for sleeping issues.

Make a playlist of your choice to play and listen before sleeping it will help a lot.

Music helps in mental health

Bonus idea to improve your mental health

If you love music and want to sing also, create your account on musical apps which are available and sing out your choice of song. The best part is if you are not comfortable sharing with others, don’t do that but it really helps a lot to relax and feel good.

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  1. All the points are really important. Music certainly helps. I being a music lover echo your thoughts!

  2. Totally agree buddy, music is every way therapeutic, it is so important to have it in our lives.

  3. Oh yes I agree, Music gives you solace, it calms you down. whenever I feel low or stressed I listen to all RD Burman’s songs. It is therapeutic.

  4. Absolutely agree. Music works wonders. There is a saying by Frank Ocean, ” When You are happy you enjoy the music, when you are sad you understand the lyrics.”. Which clearly says music is an integral part of a lively life.

  5. Absolutely true music helps us in more ways than we realise. It definitely worked to improve my sleep. Well brought out and written.
    Deepika Sharma

  6. You have mentioned all the valid points. I switch on to old songs whenever i want to relax. It soothes me.

  7. I agree, music is the medicine of the mind. Some songs can just take you to another world and relaxes your mind. I have read music reduces cortisol, the hormone that surges when we are stressed. For me, it’s the best and effective therapy.

  8. Music definitely has a strong connection with mental health. It’s been great listening to music whenever I’m stressed out or I need a let out

  9. Cant agree more. Music is a healer and it is magical. Music has been an integral part of my life. Not a single day goes by without me singing any song. It instantly puts you in a positive and happy state of mind.

  10. Yes dear music has incredible qualities to improve our mood and overall mental health. I had observed all these benefits personally and can say this thing confidently that music can be a big help for those who suffer from mental health issues.

  11. As a chronic mental health patient, I agree absolutely. Music does help in calming down. I switch on my Caravan and get lost in the old melodies. Not during the acute depressive phase but when I am feeling low. As I live alone, I always have music playing as long as I am awake.

  12. Right from school time music has helped me heal and kept me motivated. It is one of the best ways to beat stress and I just can’t live without it!

  13. oh yes. totally agree with you. Music works like charm to lift my mood. Music is a boon for people who have mental health issues too , the calming property of music is the best.

  14. This is so true. I like listening to a certain type of music when I want a certain situation or improving my mood.

  15. Mental health is the biggest thing we need to deal with, music can make it easy on everything. I totally agree with this!

  16. Music really does help us feel better mentally. Its actually proven that music makes the mind take different pathways. Great post! Thanks for haring.

  17. All of these points are true! If I am annoyed, listening to one of my favorite songs usually pulls me back. It takes me to whatever was going on at the time the song was popular. You can’t help but feel better.

  18. 1000% on this. Music is a great help for me with my Tinntius and mental wellbeing. We all need it.

  19. Music definitely has the ability to calm down mental health and bring a soothing positive vibe in mind .I have personally experienced this .

  20. Music has been such a life saver for me, especially when i get into those moods. Singing especially will give me such a boost

  21. Music has immense therapeutic effects and this is now scientifically proven. It is of course a great stress buster and calms the mind. In fact, studies show that music even has a positive effect on plants and their growth.

  22. Music is best therapy and I absolutely agree to the tips you have shared above in the post.

  23. You are very right. Music can relieve mental stress, and it is a great stress buster too. Music always helps to lift my spirits when I am feeling now. This is so true!

  24. can’t agree more!! Music indeed has a therapeutic effect on the mind. Some of the old Hindi songs, really relaxes the mind.

  25. I have been working in a project with one of the mental help organization. One of the widely used form of therapy is definitely music. Such a wonderful post as always.

  26. Music indeed helps in calming down and focusing more on positive notes. Spending time with my books and music with a earplug on is my kind of “Me time”. I am glad more and more people are taking about mental health and trying to help in spreading awareness 🙂

  27. Music is the most beautiful therapy for the troubled mind. In fact, it lifts the entire mood and soul. I often love to put on music and just relax with it. This indeed is a great post and needs to be spread across for people to read and know about the benefits of music.

  28. The Other Brain Inc.

    I have seen you and bhaiya sing together on FB and I feel music not only helps in mental relaxation but also gives a good family vibe. If the family atmosphere is pleasant then also mental health is positively affected.

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