How To Decorate Your Office With Mountain Wall Art

Traveling is more accessible and cheaper than ever before. Whether it is temples of Thailand, Indonesian beaches, or mountains of India, everyone has a dream destination. So, celebrate your travel love with accessories representing your favorite place. Whether you work through home or office, fill the space with those accessories. They are a small token that reminds you why you are working hard.

There are various ways to incorporate your travel love into the office, from vacation photos to a geographic map. Here are some ways to decorate your office space with travel mountain wall art:

Introduce Colors Smartly

Your color scheme is dependent on the design and style of your room. For instance, neutral colors are suitable or common for a mountain theme. However, you can use a modern style with natural elements to bring a semi modern-rustic design. Colors are the best way to make smaller rooms look spacious. What you have to do is create an accent wall. In addition, colors can convey your emotions and feelings like excitement, calmness, and many more.

Mountain Key Rack

You can add a great reminder of your trip to the mountains by hanging a mountain key rack. Whenever you grab your keys, that rack will remind you about those precious moments. It is a unique yet quirky way to incorporate mountain vibes while managing your keys. It is a beautiful and inspiring décor item to fill the empty wall of your office.

Mountain-Themed Artwork

The simplest way to make your office feel like the mountains is to display interesting pictures or paintings representing slopes and peaks. They remind you about your trip to the hills or inspire you to plan your next trip. So, be adventurous and shop for the best mountain wall art for your office. It will remind you of the beautiful views you can see when you go to the mountains.

Amazing Mountain Shelf

You can incorporate a three-peak mountain shelf or different mountain shelves on the wall prepared from knotty pine. They are great additions to the office space and add interest immediately. In addition, they remind you about your trip to the mountains. You can hang them easily on the blank wall using two nails and highlight them with stain colors.

Wooden Travel Photo Frames

Display personalized travel photo frames on the office wall to show off your photos of a trip to the mountains. You can either buy ready-made wooden frames or customize them with your design. Then, print your mountain travel photos and put them in those frames. You can look at them every day at your office and get inspired to plan your next trip.

With getting them customized, you can also add names, phrases, dares, or logos to make frames memorable for coming years. It is a wonderful way to relive the special moments and make the office look eye-catching.

Lighting Creates a Difference


Use warm lighting to make your office space look more attractive. It also makes your office look cozy yet inviting. Pair the natural wood tones and unique lighting fixtures representing mountain warmth. So, choose rustic lighting fixtures or wall lamps for the office space.

If you have windows at the office, that would be an added advantage. Keep them open to let natural light in. In addition, it will remind you about the freshness of hilly areas.

Fireplace for Warmth

Though building a fireplace at offices is unique and awkward, it can bring mountain vibes and give a focal point to the space. It is a fantastic mountain-inspired décor item that can instantly bring warmth and remind you about the trip to the hills. In addition, you can install vintage lanterns on the walls or across the mantle to enhance the office look.

Maximize the Space


Stones, Wood, and Metal are foundations for mountain-inspired designs. Use different combinations, proportions, tones, and variations to get different looks for the office ranging from mountain sleek to rustic. For example, the wood used for a wall from floor to ceiling adds warmth. In contrast, stones can add texture and seamless and metal offers sleek details that look slightly industrial and elemental.

It is essential to see that the element offers a clean look and does not give a cold feeling. Make sure that the design must have several layers of texture and have warm neutral tones. Also, include soft textiles to balance the dark and light.

Bring Nature to Indoors

There are several ways to add natural elements to the office space, from driftwood to potted plants. For example, you can fill small buckets with tree branches and cotton stems. Then, hang them with hooks on the walls, or place them on shelves. With this simple decor idea, you can bring mountain vibes to the office. Moreover, potted plants also purify the air and make your office space fresh and clean.

Decorate Walls with Woven Baskets

Woven baskets are great elements to decorate blank office walls. You can hang multiple baskets on a wall. It will remind you about mountain areas and add an interesting element to the office space. It will also add color and texture to dull office walls.

Nowadays, you can easily find woven baskets with soft and neutral colors like white, beige, or brown on websites or in local stores. You can add color to the space by painting them with bright and eye-catching shades. They will give an amazing and stylish look to the bore office walls

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Bonus Tips

Use heavy mountain-themed accessories representing the outdoors to decorate the office walls. For instance, you can add pinecones or polished statuary to the shelves built on the office walls. You can also consider faux taxidermy to give a mountain lodge-like look to the office space.

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  1. As the mercury levels rise everywhere, one tends to think about the mountains and its cool climes. It would be great if the office had a decor that was mountain-themed. These are some really nice ideas to bring the mountains to your room.

  2. Shreemayee Chattopadhyay

    Those are such wonderful tips to bring the mountain feel to the home by introducing right pieces in the right place. Would definitely try to bring the rustic charm to my room. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Great ideas Ruchi. I agree good lighting especially if it is natural does make a lot of difference. I personally love having plants over as it takes me closer to the nature and it is quite soothing and relaxing too.

  4. These ideas work really well. and yes proper lighting can transform the look of the walls decorated with wall art so dramatically.

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  6. I love decorating my office space and these are really good tips for decorating the space. I would love a good wall art for my office space. Thanks for these tips.

  7. I am redoing my interiors and this post has really helped me learn about the key elements one must keep in mind while decorating a mountain wall art. We often ignore the nuances however, there is a way to decorate every art piece and the correct way enhances the look 200%. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Such amazing tips to bring the freshness and beauty of the mountains in an otherwise basic office space. Travel photo frames is my favourite pick in these.

  9. Wonderful blog. I would love to keep a mountain art as it would also remind me of my passion for mountain climbing. For me, trekking is a go to when I want to recharge myself

  10. Ever since the pandemic started, I’ve been working from my home office. I even converted a portion of my home space to work space. I still need a lot of help in decorating my office. That said, your tips and suggestions on mountain wall art has certainly given me some good ideas. Thanks again.

  11. I like using framed art in my home as decor. This is such a nice way to bring color and vibrance in your rooms. Mountain art sounds very cool.

  12. Great wall decor ideas there. Mountain wall paintings exuberate so much inspiration and motivation. I really loved the ideas you shared. I am going to implement some in my home office.

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