Day 1 of #BlogOEmotion


Hola friends !!!

Happy to see you here !!!

First day let’s begin with fun, masti and joy ….

Yes today’s emotion you can blog on JOY !!


Joy- the emotion of great delight or happiness caused by something exceptionally good or satisfying.

  1. Once you’ve written your post, comment your blog linky below.
  2. Please add only today’s links in comments below.
  3. Don’t forget to add on your post ” This post has been written for #CreativeCurves under #BlogOEmotion week” and link this Day 1 this post.
  4. Once done, share the post on Facebook by tagging @forfoodiefamily and Twitter by tagging @ruchis28 and using the hash tag #BlogOEmotion & #CreativeCurves.
  5. I will share  your blog post on both my handlers on FB & Twitter.

So just get set gooooo….. Keep writing & sharing!!

Remember : “Sharing knowledge is gaining knowledge “


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Ruchi Verma

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    1. Absolutely true we learn more from kids!!

  1. […] post has been written for #CreativeCurves under #BlogOEmotion […]

  2. […] post has been written for #CreativeCurves under #BlogOEmotion […]

  3. My post for #BlogOEmotion Day 1: Joy of Traveling

    1. Poppins my fav too ..journey back to childhood!! Loved your joyful moment

  4. […] post has been written for #CreativeCurves under #BlogOEmotion […]

  5. […] post has been written for #CreativeCurves under #BlogOEmotion […]

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