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Well, It would be pleasure if I get chance to invite 6 Celebrities for dinner. I would, without a second thought will invite top 6 celebrities from 6 different field and be their host for the evening and will not miss a single second of gaining knowledge from them.

My first guest of the evening needs NO introduction ….

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    Man with vision, man with dreams to make INDIA number 1, man with vision, man with plans, man with courage, man in million hearts… our Honorable Prime minister Shri. Narendra Modi ji. His quote “???? ?? ?????? ??? ??, ?? ???? ????? ???? ??? ?? !” and he is still lighting those diya in everyone’s home. I want to learn patience from him.

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    Living legend of Bollywood, shehnshah, Sikandar, Vijay Dinanath Chauhan…does he need to get introduced to my readers …he is heartbeat of our nation and still I can whistle on his one dialogue. Big B , Shri Amitabh Bacchaan is my second guest of honor. He always promoted and encouraged women, girls , youth to follow dreams and said to fight for dreams untill you achieve it. Want to ask him “Which one dream still he waiting to come true?”

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    If as an Indian someone ask two big love one is bollywood and other is cricket …and when It comes to cricket how can I forget to invite my third most popular, most loved cricketer great Shri Kapil Dev. His quote “The hunger to win must not die…” really inspire me a lot …My only question to him would be ” How you felt in 1983 when you first landed in India with World cup in hands?”

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    Man behind Patanjali, man behind making India healthy and gave Indians all Indian pure products and correct way to be healthy by easy yoga’s. Want to have Baba Ramdev as my fourth guest of honor for the evening…. want to ask him “Who inspired him most in life?”

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    Pic Credit-Google

    If Lataji is not there on this dinner then I must be doing something which my readers will never forgive me. Nightingale of India, would be my fifth guest of the evening and for me it’s like be most happy person to request this evening to sing my all time fav her song ” aye mere watan ke logon“.

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    Pic Credit- Google

    I can’t imagine dinner without my dream diva , dancing diva ,my fav Madhuri Dixit Nene…she is going to be my one of the special guest alongwith wonderful celebrities. I am her die hard fan…..JABRA FAN

These 6 celebrities would be my Guest of the evening to remember and gaining knowledge!!!!

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Tell me if you get chance who 6 wold be in your guest list ?


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23 thoughts on “Celebrity Dinner

  1. What fun it would be to have dinner with these people! And i bet you’d cook many delicious things from your reperetoire and have them eating out of your hands…literally!
    Loved reading this!
    I plan to take up your tag and do a similar post on my blog. Thanks for the idea:)

  2. Awesome list, Parul. Mine would be AB on top of the list with loads of Qs what keeps him going with so much strength at this age, life in his younger days and what’s not! Mads would be another guest with Sachin Tendulkar and Manmohan SIngh, may be on how life is treating him. There are quite a few like Javed Saab since he told me once the entire family bonds over food.

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