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We are living a very busy life which adds a lot of stress in our mind. For avoiding this stress, we need some entertainment, which can easily remove the stress and make us happy. We can do this by playing games, which is easily the best way for entertainment and this is the only reason why gaming consoles are rising. In our country, there are many gaming consoles available and it is hard to find like what we should choose. To avoid your confusion, we are here with some top gaming consoles available in our country.
These days, the standard new consoles have internet connectivity and basic online multiplayer capacities. However, you can’t play with a friend who owns a different console than you. Xbox Live, Microsoft’s online multiplayer organize, just works with another recent Xbox console; the PlayStation Network – Sony’s identical – is also limited. Even playing with individuals who are on more established frameworks isn’t a possibility. Another multiplayer choice is local multiplayer. You can play utilizing two distinct TVs in a singular location or utilizing the split-screen highlight on a single TV. In spite of the fact that many modern games don’t support local multiplayer, as it can consume too much processing power to render a game twice over on one screen, Nintendo keeps on maintaining this choice, making them awesome for local gaming.

1. Sony PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4 also known as PS4, which is the latest as well as best video game console available in India.
This PlayStation comes with 8GB GDDR5 Memory. It has a single-chip processor with x86-64 AMD Jaguar and consist of 8 cares CPU. Sony PlayStation 4 is available with 1.84 TFLOPS, AMD Radeon based GPU. If we talk about memory size then it is available with 500GB Hard Disk Storage. It supports 6x Blu ray drive and 8x DVD Read Only. It supports Two USB 3.0, one HDMI out, one AUX, one ethernet port, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 2.1 are also available in this amazing PlayStation. The Available price of this game in India is Rs 39990 but if you use Amazon India coupons before shop this product from Amazon then you can avail some extensive discount.

2. Nintendo Wii

Nintendo Wii is a remarkable wireless controller, this invites players into game world and activities. Whether they are young or old, expert gamers or beginners, Wii players will convey what needs be with natural movement control utilizing the Wii Remote: a flick of the wrist to swing a homerun stick or tennis racket, a backswing and finish to send a golf ball flying over a perfect fairway. Wii additionally takes advantage of Nintendo’s unrivaled heritage of extraordinary amusements with the Virtual Console. Interfacing through remote broadband to Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, Wii proprietors will have the capacity to spend Virtual Console focuses to download chosen great recreations from NES, Super NES, and N64 computer game consoles. What’s more, through Wii Connect24, proprietors will have the capacity to get to significantly more substance. Four-player similarity and in addition the capacity to rival other Wii players over broadband web implies that Wii offers a genuine social experience.
This PlayStation has the dimensions of 1.75 x 6 x 8.5 inches with 2.65-pound weight. It has PowerPC Processor. It is consist of 512MB of internal Flash memory. Nintendo Wii supports 2 USB 2.0 Ports and built-in wired and wireless broadband internet feature.
Available Price: 15500 INR

3. Sony PlayStation 3

Sony PlayStation is one of the most popular gaming consoles in India. In the starting system had a slow start in the market but after introducing the slim model it becomes popular. PlayStation 3 has been produced in various models: the original, the Slim, and the Super Slim. Successive models have added or removed various features.
PlayStation 3 having a slot-loading 2x speed Blu-ray Disc drive for games, Blu-ray movies, DVDs, CDs and other optical media. It was available with hard drives of 20 and 60 GB (20 GB model was not available in PAL regions) but various sizes up to 500 GB have been made available since then. All PS3 models have user-upgradeable 2.5″ SATA hard drives. It has cell Broadband Engine CPU with RSX GPU. You can connect two USB 2.0, One HDMI out, one Ethernet ports. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 2.0 facility are also available with this PlayStation. It supports 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 480p, 480i, 576p, 576i resolution. It also consists 1 Digital out optical connector. The available Price of this product is 16990 – 22990 INR. Amazon sale is ongoing on Amazon, you can avail up to 40% discount on some gaming products in this ongoing sale.

4. Microsoft X-Box 360

As the successor to the original Xbox, it is the second console in the Xbox series developed by Microsoft. This Microsoft PlayStation has competed with Sony’s PlayStation 3 and Nintendo’s Wii as part of the seventh generation of video game consoles. This video game console allows users to many things like play games online, download games and game demos, purchase and stream music, television programs, and films and access the third-party content services through media streaming applications. In addition to online multimedia features, it allows users to stream media from local PCs.
Check out the Features of this Playstation:
• Wi-Fi built-in
• Kinect Sensor
• Wireless Controller
• Triple-core IBM designed Xenon CPU
• 512 MB RAM, 10 MB of eDRAM
• Available in 20, 60, 120, 250, or 320 GB Hard Disk Options
No one can understand the love for the video games and PlayStation but only a gamer can. A person who is in love with the games and spend a couple of hours with them. Their passion and love are unmiserable. So, before purchasing a PlayStation, they must check out many features and lots of other things. Sometimes it is hard to choose a good product at one time. So, you must explore the online shopping site like Amazon, Flipkart, Shopclues, eBay and many more. Surely, they can suggest you a better option and also you can read reviews given by another gamer. Another reason to buy online is getting some discount and offers. Many shopping websites provide coupon codes and discount codes that can give you some extra perks in your shopping. Use Amazon India coupons and avail exciting discount on your shopping at Amazon. Apart from Amazon, other websites like Flipkart and eBay also gives you discount codes or promo codes that you can use. All that matter is, you will get a discount on your online shopping.

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