5 Tips On How To Deep Clean And Organize Your Wardrobe This Diwali

Organize Your Wardrobe

Diwali cleaning is a ritual we all are following for years and it is as important part of the festival as making rangoli, eating sweets, or busting crackers.

Why house cleaning is important in Diwali?

Who doesn’t want to keep home clean and tidy, it not only makes you feel happy but also a clean home brings positivity. Diwali cleaning is one among the most common practice happens in every home and the significance or importance of house cleaning in Diwali are simple: you can start by putting everything in its right place. 

1. We worship Goddess Lakshmi and like our parents and grandparents always taught us that “Lakshmi(means wealth) will only stay when you have a clean home with clean thoughts.” By worshipping Goddess Lakshmi we invite peace, prosperity, and wealth so, cleanliness is the top priority to pray for all this.

2. To remove negativity to enter with positive thoughts in the new year(according to the Hindu calendar Diwali is also known as the New Year) which is the new beginning of beautiful days and to welcome a new chapter of life we all need to be clean.

When we are talking about cleaning the home one of the most important parts is to deep clean and organize the wardrobe of our home. One place which gets messy quickly if not well organized is your closet. Check out the 5 most important tips you must follow during your Diwali Ki Safai!!

Tips to Organize Your Wardrobe

1. Increase the life of your clothes with PUER Natural Fabric Conditioner

It’s important to use the right detergent and conditioner for your clothes. It’s important to wash your used clothes after every usage to prevent germs and infections. For my clothes I trust PUER Natural Fabric Conditioner because of the following reasons:

  • With not any harmful chemicals PUER Fabric Conditioner is completely natural.
  • It has No Paraben, No Phthalates, No Methylisothiazolinone.
  • As it uses natural plant-based softeners and vegetable-derived solubilizer make clothes soft and fluffy.
  • It has Malodour Control Technology that obstructs unpleasant odour and locks the fragrance that stays up to 48+ hours.
  • The fragrance is so refreshing which lasts for the long time.
Organize Your Wardrobe

Why we should use PUER Fabric Conditioner?

a) A fabric conditioner not only strengthens the fabric but also keeps it static-free and fragrant. It also increases the life of your clothes. 

b) It keeps the fibers intact which makes your clothes softer.

c) It helps your clothes to keep their shape.

d) Not let your clothes fade.

e) It smells great and for longer hours.

You must read the instructions on how to use it, and if you are using it in your washing machine, make sure you add the fabric conditioner in a separated compartment of your detergent dispenser has given in your washing machine which may vary from machine to machine.

It’s great to start #PUERDiwaliWaliSafai today as your clothes will thank you for sure.

2) Seregate items

Make sure you sort your wardrobe items into categories- clothes, jewelry, accessories, lingerie, scarfs, and other items as per your choice. Arrange them according to your requirements.

You may then separate clothes according to sets of party wear, casual, formal, etc, which will help you later while getting ready.

3) Check your needs

Once you have segregated your outfits and other items, check if you really required them. As many times we forget pieces of stuff laying behind in our closet and don’t need them afterward. If you don’t need them, discard them, it doesn’t mean you have to throw them. You can donate stuff to needy people or utilize them for some DIY activity at home.

4. Deep Clean your wardrobe

It’s difficult to deep clean your wardrobe if it is full of your clothes and other kinds of stuff. Once it is empty and you are organizing stuff, make sure to deep clean your wardrobe from the inside. Wipe the shelves with soap water and dry cloth and let it dry completely.

I prefer to place old newspapers on shelves for easy cleanup later on and then place my stuff inside the wardrobe.

5. Organize Your Wardrobe

Now, you are sorted with the items you need and now it’s time to organize your wardrobe. It is totally your choice how conveniently you want to place the items. To share tips, hang your sarees, anarkali’s, long items on hangers I prefer wooden hangers as it helps clothes to keep their shape.

We can utilize space under the hangers for storing small storage boxes with your daily use of accessories or pile of clothes and lingerie in drawers or in storage boxes which makes it easy to locate.

These few tips will not only clean your home but also be organized. How you are planning to start your Diwali Cleaning, share in the comments below.

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  1. ahha…that time of the year has come when we all get charged up for deep cleaning. I also use wooden hangers. I usually do deep cleaning in every season. this way there is not much left during Diwali. But with young kids, there is always something or other that is left behind.

  2. These tips have come at such a perfect time, I am beginning the Preps for Diwali cleaning and reorganisation. Loved your post

  3. Great tips Ruchi, I had organized my wardrobe yesterday and follow most of these tips while organizing stuff. pure fabric conditioner sounds really promising. will check this out for sure.

  4. These are some wonderful tips Ruchi and I love the way you have taken care of every single detail. I am in process of cleaning and will keep all this in mind. The apt post during this festive season.

  5. Love your tips. Having toddlers is like having a bunch of clothes most of them they have out grown. decluttering is helping me a lot to re organize kids wardrobe

  6. This fabric conditioner looks like a must have at home for fresh smelling clothes . Really seems to make clothes soft and cuddly! And looks best to lifts our mood too when we smell our clothes.

  7. Ruchi thanks for making a post on this just at the right time. My wardrobe definitely needs a clean up now. And I will check out the brand puer too

  8. How am I planning to start Diwali Cleaning? Well, that’s an interesting question! I am shifting to a new builder floor post Diwali, so most likely I am not going to require any deep cleaning. However, I do understand the need to organize my wardrobe and give the unnecessary clothes (and other items) to people in need.

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