“Be your own boss” I found a new boss within myself


I remember when I was small in school, one day overheard my parents talking about “Kundli” which they got made from some panditji. I heard about something related to me which made me curious to read more from that Kundli.

I patiently waited for a chance that all go out of home and I can search where they have placed it and I can read that. God is always kind to me and within 2 days when everyone is out I searched and found my so-called “Kundli”

It was mentioned that there will be roadblocks if I get into my own ventures or businesses. Somewhere in my mind this got stuck, and I pursued my professional studies. Then, got my first job in Lucknow University and then worked in cooperate.

But there was something which was badly missing in my life. Something which never make me fully happy with my career options.

And then, I started writing my heart through my blog, on my terms, my own rules and my own name. I was my own boss. I was seriously scared starting this journey as somewhere back in my mind I was not sure it will work for me or not as it was mentioned in my so called Kundli.

How I found a new boss within myself?

1. Dream: Never give up dreaming. This is one thing you should never stop in life. Dreams are something which keep you alive and give you extra energy to follow your passion. There is no age to dream and follow.

2. Face the challenges: Let’s life throw challenges accept it gracefully as my mom always said and now I believe that God only throw challenges to them whom he trust they can accept and pass it.

3. Chase your dream: It might be tough sometime to chase or follow your dream but remember, there is no other power in this world can stop you, other than yourself. Don’t let the negativity enter in your mind just follow your dream.

4. Give your 100%: There are 100 excuses to say NO but just 1 reason to follow the path of your dream. Give your 100% to chase and trust me with proper planning, management and right intention you will always get successful.

5. Don’t be overconfident: Remember, success should never dance on your head and failure should never let your heart sink. Stay calm in tough time and stay steady in success.

You can be your own boss, in your small way, for being your own boss no need to follow and horoscope, pandit, shortcuts all you need is FOCUS. You will find yourself as I got step ahead in finding myself.

So never give up and find your own boss within yourself and you will find happiness within yourself.


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  1. Awesome Ruchi and I feel the same way as you do. Agree that one should never stop dreaming and believe in themselves. We all face various challenges in our life but if we keep on working hard with constant dedication, no one can stop us to achieve what we really want in life.

  2. Be your own boss..I think this is a secret desire of most of us. Who doesn’t want to their own boss. I think we should dream big and being persistent and being resilient will take us long way. Very well written post.

  3. I love the idea of being your own boss and I’m so happy to see you realising your dream through your blog. I feel inspired looking at the hard work you put into everything you do. Keep bossing. It suits you!

  4. Such amazing post. And I do agree that we sometimes become more over confidant and it would lead us down. Never give up dreaming. Love it.

  5. What a powerful start up of the blogtrain Ruchi. I too believe one can never fails in accomplishing the things he/she wishes for, only and only if he/she choses the path, listening the voice that straight comes from heart. Life is magnificient if one’s passion becomes profession!

  6. Bang on post Ruchi. Lucky are those who have a passion and get to make it their career. Our eyes should never stop dreaming. Because without dreams, there is nothing to achieve.

  7. I love the entire narration. So very well said . We need to be our own boss and have a never give up attitude. Keep on dreaming and chase them is my mantra

  8. Agree that one should never stop dreaming and believe in themselves.
    I remember reading a quote by the businessman Farrah Gray: “Build your own dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs.”
    Never give up your dreams.

  9. You are so right! You can be your own boss if you wanted … and for that, there is no need to follow any horoscope, pandit, or shortcuts. With focus, you’ll discover yourself.

  10. Being your own boss means owning your successes and failures. The journey is challenging, tough, and at the same time exciting. If you look back, you are sure to feel that it was definitely worth it.

  11. I do agree with you. One should believe in themselves. With hard work and dedication we can do the best in our life and can achieve success..

  12. This is quite an uplifting post, being your own boss or able to dream to achieve those dreams is the biggest joy in life. We must follow our passion no matter what life throws at us.

  13. Last year during pandemic, I realised that it is important to live your dream and be your own boss. I set up my own company and there have been baby steps towards my business.

  14. Amazing Ruchi. This whole post is so empowering for everyone, specially those who wants to start some venture. One’s wishes can come true if the person is determined enough.

  15. So true Ruchie being your own boss is one of the best things that we can achieve in life. I also loved when I had started being my own boss sometime back and trying to achieve my dreams in my own conditions.

  16. This post is definitely inspiring in terms of propagating the thought that we can be our own bosses and live life not depending on any planetary position or it’s effect. It’s in our own hands

  17. This is very inspiring and motivating Ruchi . Your pointers are helpful . Being your own boss again sounds very interesting.

  18. Amazing post. No matter what people say, it’s our perspective that plays an important role in deciding whether to pursue a goal or not.

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