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Born & bought up in sangam city “Allahabad” , graduated from University of Allahabad , Abhijit Ghoshal who started his journey with Rabindra Sangeet and Pankaj Kumar Mallik’s Mahalaya [which was a regular feature every year during Durga Pooja in Allahabad] flourished through college fests. After topping in school, college and University exams he Joined SBI as Probationary Officer (left later for Music). Music he started after winning SAREGAMAPA 11 Consecutive times in 2003-2004 (which he had left voluntarily).


His latest composed song titled MERI PYAARI GUDIYA which is hitting charts is a dedication towards an initiative Indian government’s Beti Bachao Beti Padhao.


I got an opportunity to have a quick chit chat with this versatile & talented music composer ABHIJIT GHOSHAL on this…

Q. Who inspired you the most?
A. Lata Ji, Pt. Ajoy Chakraborty, Pt.Shekhar Sen.

Q: How this song “Meri PYAARI GUDIYA ” born?
A. Meri Pyari Gudiya[MPG] is the brainchild of Abhijit Aniket Adil and it is a song of every citizen who loves his little doll- his bitiya. MPG is basically a father’s perspective towards his daughter, a particular segment of emotions which has rarely been addressed.

Q. Who is your favourite avorite lyricist & singer from industry?
A. Amitabh Bhattacharya, Majrooh Saab, Lata ji and Asha Ji

Q. How Shaan reacted after listening this concept of song?
A. He heard the concept and readily agreed to sing the song. He had only one condition: that he would not charge anything for this song and his voice has never been used in such a manner.

Check this beautiful bonding of father & daughter HERE

Q. You were also a part of reality show saregamapa what change you see in today’s upcoming new singers on such reality shows & what one advice you will give them?
A. Reality shows are good when taken as a ‘platform’ to start your journey. But many a time, the contestants take it for granted that the channel will make their future and the judges will go out and out to make their career, that is a false thought process. That is the start of the downfall.
Plz remember that two minute noodles doesn’t stay palatable after 5minutes. And sweet savories Rabdee and Kalakand take hours of boiling to get that flavor. So nothing replaces hard work- earlier understood the better

Q. Tell us about your upcoming Bollywood projects?
A. Yes, there are let’s wait for the name of the track/ film.

Q. As readers are real foodie here want to know Which is your fav dish cooked by your mom ?
A. As you all can see from my pic that I am also a biggg foodie, my mom used to make amazing Kheer (Paayesh in Bangla) and my wife Somali is one of the best cooks in the world.I love Biryani and ANY PANEER dish cooked by her. Fish also (but the varieties wth lesser bones-kaanta).

Q. Anything you want to share with readers here?
A. Keep loving the good creative work of Abhijit Aniket Adil.We are musically yours.

Music by : Abhijit Aniket Adil
Lyrics: Abhijit Ghoshal
Director: Pradhyumansinh Solanki
Singer: Shaan

Follow versatile music composer on
FB: @abhijitaniketadil
Twitter: @abhijitghoshal5

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  1. he was my favorite contestant in ’09 SAREGAMAPA. Unique voice and command over music.Nice interview. Kudos! 🙂 🙂

      1. Wowww .grt Ruchi Verma

  2. Wowww grt Ruchi Verma

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