Nuclear to joint family

Day 6


Well bride is hap­pi­ly wel­comed in a fam­i­ly of her dreams… After all the­se rit­u­als & fun time to face some real­i­ty.

If a girl is com­ing from a joint fam­i­ly to joint fam­i­ly she is aware of how to adjust & live as she has seen the love­ly & ups n down of joint family…but what if a girl who is from nuclear fam­i­ly comes to big joint fam­i­ly…

Let’s see how things changes for her…

  1. She was apple of eye in her fam­i­ly only daugter inly sis­ter of her naughty broth­er. Now it’s huge fam­i­ly with big respon­si­bil­i­ty.
  2.  For a young bride, a Joint Fam­i­ly means many eyes scru­ti­niz­ing how she cooks even a dal where­as may be she nev­er both­ered to enter in kitchen at her par­ents place.
  3. Every eye of chachi, mami, mausi, dadi will watch she eats, how she dress­es, what time she wakes up.…
  4. Above all the­se elders of fam­i­ly will start demand­ing their grand­chil­dren as it’s cor­rect age…Some will make a point it should be boy first!! Real­ly …
  5. They also decide whether or not she works. And even if she is ‘allowed’ to work she must come home and help her moth­er in law in the kitchen.

Now this is some­thing from a part of bride who just entered in fam­i­ly. Yes I agree on many things goes beyond what she dreamed off but joint fam­i­ly has it’s own impor­tance and if she under­stands that life will be like a fes­ti­val every­day.

Role of Groom

  1. Try to under­stand her sit­u­a­tion as she is new to this envi­ron­ment.
  2. Don’t scold her or shout on her on small mistakes…she nev­er been to such big fam­i­ly.
  3. Tell her about nature & tem­pera­ment of every mem­ber before she made a mis­take.
  4. Guide her, tell her that her sug­ges­tions are equal­ly valu­able to fam­i­ly.
  5. Stand by her… She will accept every­one if you are next to her.

There are many advan­tages of being in joint fam­i­ly which I will sure share lat­er..

But it’s time for you to han­dle life & fam­i­ly in mature way to be hap­py.

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