Nuclear to joint family

Day 6


Well bride is happily welcomed into the family of her dreams… After all these rituals & fun, it is time to face some reality.

If a girl is coming from a joint family to a joint family she is aware of how to adjust & live as she has seen the lovely & ups and downs of a joint family…but what if a girl from a nuclear family comes to a big joint family…

Let’s see how things change for her…

  1. She was the apple of the eye in her family only daughter and sister of her naughty brother. Now it’s a huge family with big responsibility.
  2.  For a young bride, a Joint Family means many eyes scrutinizing how she cooks even a dal whereas maybe she never bothered to enter in kitchen at her parent’s place.
  3. Every eye of chachi, mami, mausi, dadi will watch she eats, how she dresses, what time she wakes up….
  4. Above all these elders of family will start demanding their grandchildren as it’s correct age…Some will make a point it should be boy first!! Really …
  5. They also decide whether or not she works. And even if she is ‘allowed’ to work she must come home and help her mother in law in the kitchen.

Now this is something from a part of bride who just entered in family. Yes I agree on many things goes beyond what she dreamed off but joint family has it’s own importance and if she understands that life will be like a festival everyday.

Role of Groom

  1. Try to understand her situation as she is new to this environment.
  2. Don’t scold her or shout on her on small mistakes…she never been to such big family.
  3. Tell her about nature & temperament of every member before she made a mistake.
  4. Guide her, tell her that her suggestions are equally valuable to family.
  5. Stand by her… She will accept everyone if you are next to her.

There are many advantages of being in joint family which I will sure share later..

But it’s time for you to handle life & family in mature way to be happy.

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  1. How life changes for a girl..phew! Good points!

    1. Yes!! Totally should be handled with care

  2. Hmm true!Marriage changes a girl’s life totally

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