5 Winter food list from my kitchen

5 Winter food list from my kitchen

Winter’s and food goes hands in hands. I still remember when winter starts I always used to demand my mom some special winter food to cook for me. My winter food list is too long, being a foodie I love eating and cooking too for winter meals.

There are some meals or food which are mandatory to prepare as winter knocks. As Sankranti (Makar Sankarati) just went yesterday which was followed by Lohri, both festivals are a symbol of beginning the new year, new hopes and good food too. I would be sharing 5 dinner ideas for winters which you can enjoy with your family and friends!!

5 Winter food list

1. Makke ki Roti and Sarso ka Saag

Sarso Ka Saag is a famous Punjabi vegetarian dish that goes well with Makke ki Roti and yummy white butter (one of my favs in winters). Made from seasonal mustard leaves mixed with other leafy vegetables like spinach, and bathua. To avoid mustard leaves bitter taste these leafy veggies are mixed and cooked together.

Benefits of this dish: Rich in antioxidants loaded with Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, and Vitamin E mustard green also helps a lot with Iron needed in our body. It not only helps to keep good eye health but also good in decreasing bad cholesterol levels.

2. Dal, Baati, Chokha

Dal- Baati, Litti chokha names are little different and so the preparation too.. Litti is stuffed with Sattu made of roasted Bengal gram. Litti should be accompanied by Chokha (Baigan ka Bharta, Aloo ka Bharta) and Mix dal. We love to have green chutney, salad, and papad too with this.

Benefits of this dish: Sattu is known as the powerhouse of energy and often referred as poor man’s protein because of many health benefits. It’s high on insoluble fiber, which makes it good for your intestines and good proportions of iron, manganese, and magnesium. Not only this mix dal adds heath benefits.

3. Nimona

Oh!! I just love fresh peas in the winter season and nothing can beat Nimona made from green peas. It’s an easy and most popular dish from UP in winter. This is best to have with rice and chapatti. Little spicy and flavor of garlic and peas add just awesome taste to this dish.

Benefits of Nimona: Well, green peas are rich in high fiber and protein, low calories and protein which is really helpful in weight management. Green peas help in relieving Oxidative Stress( an imbalance between free radicals and antioxidants in your body). Even it protects against stomach Cancer because it contains healthy phytonutrients (polyphenol) called coumestrol.

4. Stuffed Parathas- Aloo, Methi, Raddish, Peas, Paneer

Winters are incomplete without stuffed parathas. Being North Indian this is daily breakfast at home -Parathas. But, in winter dinner list includes sometimes mix stuff parathas with curd, Potato and tomato vegetable, tomato chutney or green chutney. There is a variety of stuff paratha’s you can include in your dinner list this winter season from Paneer to peas.

Benefits of Parathas: It depends which stuff paratha do you choose for your plate. My kids love green paratha and so I give them spinach paratha which is a high source of iron and protein, Paneer paratha stuffed with paneer which contains high-quality protein and calcium which aids in weight loss.

5. Gajar Ka Halwa

Trust me!! winter list of food is incomplete if I don’t add Gajar ka halwa. Gajar ka halwa. If desert needs to be added, which is important then nothing could be better than Gajar ka halwa. Cook with loads of milk, dry fruits and serve hot to make your dinner special.

Benefits of Gajar Ka halwa: Carrots are loaded with vitamin A which helps to improve vision, vitamin C, vitamin K, and fiber. We don’t miss calcium and protein as we add milk preparing this. The pains and aches which we usually come with winter can be reduced as halwa contains ghee and it is also important for our body.

Which is your fav winter food? Any special dish from your hometown or secret recipe of your mom you want to share?

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Disclaimer – This article is an advisory piece. Before you manipulate your diet habit kindly consult a medical practitioner or nutritionist.

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32 thoughts on “5 Winter food list from my kitchen

  1. This is a mouth watering post! What lovely dishes all are my personal favorites and would love to make for family and friends. I may also add saag waala chicken in this amazing list

  2. Wow , ye sab to mere kitchen me bhi banta hai, infacts inke liye winters ka wait rehta hai, baati banane k liye specially OTG liya
    Ye sabhi humare favorite hain ??

  3. Ohh..my..my. that is such a mouthwatering list. Sarson ka saag and gajar halwa hold the top position in my list. Along with this, Khakhas Halwa is something that I make during winters.

  4. I like winters as it is the best season to enjoy yummy food. Everything in the list is my favorite:) Never tried Nimona before but I will definitely like to try this one out.

  5. Yum yum! Some of these dishes are a must in the winter menus of my Punjabi home. An addition is our home-made pinnis!

  6. Very mouth-watering post. All are my favourites. Mummy me hath ki bani makki ki roti and nimona ka taste mujhe bhulta hi nahi hai.

  7. You had me craving while reading this post, Ruchi. Sarso ka saag is my favourite and I’m a Marwari grown up indulging in Dal baati. Winters are the best time for a foodie!

  8. I had never heard of Nimona, but it looks delicious and I’m going to try it. Rest all have been a part of my kitchen this whole Winters and I love the winter food!

  9. Amazing and beautiful post. There are many foods, specifically available and enjoyed during winters. These are the great list of meal one can eat to keep oneself healthy in the chilly winters. Great thoughts.

  10. Such yummmmm dishes specially gajar ka halwa ?..
    And i love eating sarson ka saag in winters ? mouthwatering post this was

  11. I have never heard of nimona…what the recipe plz! The rest of the list is true heart! Some of my most cherished memories are of Sundays with the family eating these foods 🙂

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