Yamaha OEM vs. Aftermarket Parts

Yamaha OEM vs. Aftermarket Parts

When you’re looking for the best motorcycle parts and accessories for your Yamaha machine, a world of options awaits you. If you want to restore your pride and joy to its factory condition, OEM or original equipment manufacturer parts may be the ticket for you. If you want to upgrade and enhance your bike to suit your current riding style and conditions, aftermarket parts may be the way to go.

OEM Parts

In general, Yamaha OEM parts are those made in the same factory as your motorcycle. Sometimes, however, your OEM parts may be produced by a major subcontractor partner. In these cases, they are still classed as “original equipment.”

Yamaha OEM parts tend to be more expensive replacements for your bike than aftermarket parts. Of course, you’re paying for the original part that fits your bike like a glove and requires no extra customization or tuning.

Yes, OEM parts are a more expensive venture than investing in aftermarket parts. However, it’s a particularly effective strategy when it comes to replacing the following:

*Body parts

*Engine parts

*Functional systems

*Gaskets and bearings

Yamaha OEM

Aftermarket Parts

Yamaha aftermarket parts are constructed by third-party companies and serve as functional replacements for your bike. They tend to be cheaper and provide higher performance than their OEM counterparts. While aftermarket parts provide a standard replacement option for your machine’s parts, they’re also known for upping your bike’s “wow” factor with innovative styles and designs.

While aftermarket parts offer you a wide range of price and design choices, they may also require more customization once you receive them. Experts recommend going with aftermarket parts for functional upgrades to the following areas of your bike:



*Footpegs and handlebars



As you can see, the choice between OEM and aftermarket parts is a personal decision based on the goals you have for your machine. Either way, updating your bike with Yamaha motorcycle accessories and parts is a great investment in your riding life. Start your bike mod project today!

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