Which Designer Fragrance Suits Your Style & Personality?

Which Designer Fragrance Suits Your Style & Personality?

May 14, 2019 21 By Ruchi Verma

Our society has become very image conscious these days. You are expected to look perfect at all the time, and you are also required to smell good. This perception has led to an increase in the use of designer and niche fragrances. If you want to smell good, not just for the society’s sake but for your pleasure as well, you should start by trying a designer perfume that suits your style and personality.

Though designer perfumes are usually expensive, you should consider them worth the investment if you select the right product.

As there are thousands of options available online on websites like Fragrance 365, you should learn the art of finding the right fragrance for you by reading the following tips.

Know the Types

When hoping to buy the right designer perfume, you should know the four types of it. The first one is Parfum that is loaded with essential oils and has a strong scent. The second is Eau De Toilette which is slightly less strong in scent but also has a distinguishable scent. If these two seem too strong to you, the third option is Cologne which has a crisp and light scent. As the essential oils content is low in these types of scents, you can use it when you have sensitive skin or if you want your kid to smell good too.

Last on the list is men’s aftershave. They have a light concentration of designer perfumes and hence have made it to the list. They are usually cheaper and last for only a couple of hours as compared to the other three types.

The type you need to choose depends on what do you expect from a perfume according to your preferences. If you want a perfume to last all day without re-application, you should opt for a Parfum. In contrast, if you want a scent preferred by the youngsters, you should seek a cologne.

Designer Fragrance

Try Before You Buy

After you have decided which type of designer perfume do you want, the next step is to search the top designer perfume brands over the internet. You should then read reviews and product descriptions to decide whether a fragrance would work for you. Even when you think that you have found the right match, we urge you to sample it before buying a big bottle that costs a lot.

A sample would be readily available with most perfume websites, and you can test the sample at your home. Testing it at home is a better option than testing it at a perfume shop where you might be influenced by the scent of other fragrances in the air. Also, make sure that you don’t try more than 5 scents at a time as doing so might overwhelm you.

In case a sample is not available, you should buy a small bottle. Remember, you can always buy a large bottle later on but returning a bottle if you don’t like the scent might not be possible or may cost you a lot more than you think. So, start small and go for the big one once you are hundred percent sure of your decision.

Which is your fav Designer fragrance? Do comment and tell us!!

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