#WomanInMe my MOM

Wom­an a strong word, a strong per­son­al­i­ty, a strong cre­ation of GOD !! Proud to be a wom­an ‚born as a girl child is like a bless­ing from GOD giv­ing me pow­er to be strong, pos­i­tive, con­nect­ing and above all giv­ing birth to a new life!!!

Every rela­tion in this world has dif­fer­ent set of bond­ing and con­nec­tion BUT con­nec­tion with my mom is 9 months more than any oth­er rela­tion­ship #Wom­an­In­Me is what I got from my mom…

My moth­er for me my role mod­el , my super­wom­an, my strength,my every­thing…


From d day I was born , being a 3rd daugh­ter to my fam­i­ly my par­ents my mom nev­er made me feel that why this time not son … Best education..best moti­va­tion in life and above all best upbring­ing which I got and trea­sure most from them.…

I still remem­ber days from my child­hood when my mom always said “it’s not about what you achieved … It’s always how you achieved” may be that time I nev­er thought what does she real­ly mean by this but today I realise she always want­ed me to do what­ev­er in right way …may it pro­fes­sion­al or per­son­al …she always told me only wom­an has pow­er given by God to turn any HOUSE into a HOME and yes it is what she want­ed me to learn too…

I remem­ber that worst night of our life when every­thing turned upside down .… When papa got paral­y­sis attack with brain hama­rage and we were shat­tered ful­ly all we 4 sis­ters who always looked with head up a per­son strug­gling for his life… But my super­wom­an sit­ting next to him with­out a sin­gle drop of tears ordered every­one in that hos­pi­tal room to go out and cry if you want to and said I real­ly don’t want neg­a­tiv­i­ty around him … 7 years …7 long years papa was on bed but in the­se long years she nev­er for­got her 7 vows of her mar­riage.. Nev­er seen her crip­ping , regret­ting, shat­ter­ing, giv­ing up and above all this nev­er seen her cry­ing.…

She did every pos­si­ble thing to make him stand on his feet and yes he also sup­port­ed her in her strug­gle.. She alone made life’s tough­est deci­sions and set­tled all her 4 daugh­ters in love­ly fam­i­lies and then des­tiny decid­ed some­thing else … Papa left us and became a shin­ing star up there.. This is worst thing hap­pened in our life but more than this it hap­pened to mum­my .. He left us alone same day when my mum­my is born .. My dad’s death anniver­sary is same as my mom’s birth­day!!!

But that day also my mom said one thing “It’s not an end …it’s my rebirth to do some­thing in life…”

It’s been 5 years and my mom is liv­ing on her terms and start­ed a small play school to give and teach lit­tle bud­ding lead­ers of our nation !!!

#Wom­an­In­Me who lives in me is you mom

#Wom­an­In­Me who make me strong is you mom

#Wom­an­In­Me who is fight­er is your fight­ing spirt mom

#Wom­an­In­Me who dare to dream is you mom

#Wom­an­In­Me who love uncon­di­tion­al­ly is you mom

#Wom­an­In­Me who is your is Me mum­my!!

Proud to be a daugh­ter of such great lady


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  1. #Mas­ter­piece. Aun­ty is tru­ly a fight­er and is def­i­nite­ly a role mod­el not only for your fam­i­ly but all of Us.. Yes, i mean All of US. And as a daugh­ter you deserve all the applause for tak­ing the lega­cy for­ward as you your­self are a very strong wom­an as much as i know you. You have penned your thoughts so beau­ti­ful­ly and vivid­ly will def­i­nite­ly moti­vate the wom­an in us.

  2. It is hard­ships that bring out the real char­ac­ter in a per­son. The way your moth­er han­dled your dad’s par­a­lyt­ic attack shows the grit of the per­son­al­i­ty.

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