#WomanInMe my MOM

Woman a strong word, a strong personality, a strong creation of GOD !! Proud to be a woman ,born as a girl child is like a blessing from GOD giving me power to be strong, positive, connecting and above all giving birth to a new life!!!

Every relation in this world has different set of bonding and connection BUT connection with my mom is 9 months more than any other relationship #WomanInMe is what I got from my mom…

My mother for me my role model , my superwoman, my strength,my everything…


From d day I was born , being a 3rd daughter to my family my parents my mom never made me feel that why this time not son … Best education..best motivation in life and above all best upbringing which I got and treasure most from them….

I still remember days from my childhood when my mom always said “it’s not about what you achieved … It’s always how you achieved” may be that time I never thought what does she really mean by this but today I realise she always wanted me to do whatever in right way …may it professional or personal …she always told me only woman has power given by God to turn any HOUSE into a HOME and yes it is what she wanted me to learn too…

I remember that worst night of our life when everything turned upside down …. When papa got paralysis attack with brain hamarage and we were shattered fully all we 4 sisters who always looked with head up a person struggling for his life… But my superwoman sitting next to him without a single drop of tears ordered everyone in that hospital room to go out and cry if you want to and said I really don’t want negativity around him … 7 years …7 long years papa was on bed but in these long years she never forgot her 7 vows of her marriage.. Never seen her cripping , regretting, shattering, giving up and above all this never seen her crying….

She did every possible thing to make him stand on his feet and yes he also supported her in her struggle.. She alone made life’s toughest decisions and settled all her 4 daughters in lovely families and then destiny decided something else … Papa left us and became a shining star up there.. This is worst thing happened in our life but more than this it happened to mummy .. He left us alone same day when my mummy is born .. My dad’s death anniversary is same as my mom’s birthday!!!

But that day also my mom said one thing “It’s not an end …it’s my rebirth to do something in life…”

It’s been 5 years and my mom is living on her terms and started a small play school to give and teach little budding leaders of our nation !!!

#WomanInMe who lives in me is you mom

#WomanInMe who make me strong is you mom

#WomanInMe who is fighter is your fighting spirt mom

#WomanInMe who dare to dream is you mom

#WomanInMe who love unconditionally is you mom

#WomanInMe who is your is Me mummy!!

Proud to be a daughter of such great lady



Ruchi Verma

Certified parenting teen practitioner, multiple Award winner, mother of two active kids believes in sharing the right source of information to readers which could help them in every possible way!!

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  1. #Masterpiece. Aunty is truly a fighter and is definitely a role model not only for your family but all of Us.. Yes, i mean All of US. And as a daughter you deserve all the applause for taking the legacy forward as you yourself are a very strong woman as much as i know you. You have penned your thoughts so beautifully and vividly will definitely motivate the woman in us.

  2. That’s a lovely one for your mom. May god bless her with a long and healthy life ?

    1. Thanks dear!! She is strongest women I ever came across not because she is my mom but she is!!

  3. Great post. Seeking blessings from your mom …..

    1. From Mom “God bless you with health and happiness “

  4. It is hardships that bring out the real character in a person. The way your mother handled your dad’s paralytic attack shows the grit of the personality.

    1. Yes!! She handled every tough situation in so smooth n perfect way !! Hats off to her

  5. Good to read that your Mom is so strong , an Iron Lady who is Pillar of strength for her family . You are Lucky to get her as your mom 🙂

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