Missing comical childhood

Reliv­ing in child­hood days who doesn’t want !!! I some­time miss those gold­en days of my life and now try to relive those days with my daugh­ter telling her to buy good comic books and read …rather play­ing on tab and all my all time few ..trust me few comics which always make me laugh

lot­pot Now a days I saw same comic char­ac­ters play­ing on car­toon chan­nel …we use to laugh when we read it!!!


Every child read this and have a great col­lec­tion of this

Hamare apne

Chacha Chowd­hary I still believed that Sabu is from Jupiter ?


Pinky she is dar­ling of all fam­i­ly mem­bers.. Naughty yet chub­by girl …just like me in child­hood!!!


Nagraj series of book every boy loved !!!


Pan­chatantra– we learned moral sci­ence from this comic always giv­ing some knowl­edge by small sto­ries


Nan­dan– Book for all age group !! This comic book gives some activ­i­ties too to do !! 


Bil­lu — One thing I always want­ed to know how bil­lu is able to see with hairs all time on his fore­head cov­er­ing his eyes ..but he is friends friend!!!


Chan­dama­ma — Sto­ries always made us con­nect­ed to some his­tor­i­cal event or mythological…but yes we enjoyed series of Chan­dama­ma!!!


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  1. Through this post you have awak­en up our child­hood mem­o­ries.
    Me too also fond of the­se comics spe­cial­ly when our sum­mer vaca­tion comes.

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