What are the most important 9 Characteristics of MIS- Management Information System

Characteristics of MIS

In a previous post, I shared what is MIS, and its components. Till now we understand that MIS plays a vital role in every aspect of any organization. The 9 Characteristics of MIS are very important to understand:

  1. System Approach
  2. Management Oriented
  3. Need-Based
  4. Exception Based
  5. Future-Oriented
  6. Integrated
  7. Long Term Planning
  8. Sub-Systems Concepts
  9. Central Database

1. System Approach

To start with the Characteristics of MIS the first one is the System approach is for planning, organizing, and controlling and it is what we can call which is interrelated and interdependent to each other.

For any management one, a very important aspect is planning and it should include 4 primary aims in terms of growth-
What needs to be done?
When to be done?
How to be done?
Who will do it?

A good lined-up policy and procedure made a magnificent structure of an organization. It is important for upper management to keep people working together as a team to lead a successful group action. This is where the organization comes in with good functional methods and the system for the management process.

We require maintaining the quality of performance setting up performance standards and need to watch out for both quality performance and quantity performance.

2. Management Oriented

We should derive the MIS development plan from the overall business plan. Management orientation of MIS implies that the MIS design should have a top-down approach, which means it should determine management requirements along with business goals.

3. Need-Based

At different levels, strategic planning, management control even operational control level, all developments take place as per the information which is required by the managers. We require this need for information to survive in the modern competitive world and to keep the system up to date.

4. Exception Based

On the basis of exception-based reporting principal MIS should be developed. Exception-based reporting means an abnormal situation, like the minimum, maximum, or expected value that varies beyond the limit. To take up a decision in such a case exception reporting is required.

5. Future-Oriented

Apart from exception-based reporting, MIS should also look at the future and provide information, based on projections. It needs to collect information for future planning and problem-solving.

Characteristics of MIS

6. Integrated

The next very important Characteristics of MIS are Cost setup, workforce, productive capacity, customer services, and capital requirements are equally required to develop an effective production system. So, MIS should have one of the characteristics and that is Integration which will be meaningful for any organization to grow.

7. Long-Term Planning

MIS is developed keeping the requirements of any organization and it is long-term planning, which is needed to be done and should be developed keeping the long-term goals and planning.

8. Sub-Systems Concepts

MIS development looks really complex as a big system but needs to be broken down into digestible sub-systems which are more meaningful at the planning stage.

9. Central Database

Each system requires access to the master file of data covering inventory, personnel, vendors, customers, etc and so it is important to gather data once and validate it and needs to be kept on a central storage medium, and as per requirement, it is accessible by another subsystem.

These are the major Characteristics of MIS which need to be followed and kept in mind developing MIS.

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