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Pic Credit : http://listsurge.com/
Pic Cred­it : http://listsurge.com/

I feel extreme­ly proud to be an INDIAN ” coun­try with tra­di­tions, val­ues, cul­tures and emo­tions… When­ev­er I want to speak out this great coun­try I remem­ber first thing my moth­er always said (I’m very much inspired by my mom… you will find her name in every post )

???-??? ?? ???? ????, ??? ??? ?? ????…”

Yes only this coun­try is hav­ing such diver­si­ty that on every mile the taste of water and lan­guage is dif­fer­ent .…I am blessed by God that he has cho­sen me as one of such proud Indi­an to be a lit­tle small part of this great coun­try !!

Today our coun­try is fac­ing some issues but as an indi­vid­u­al we can help our coun­try being more pro­gres­sive and safe for every lit­tle indi­vid­u­al. Some com­mon issue WE as an Indi­an can help :

  1. Loy­al to our coun­try: Most com­mon thing which is today over every social media plat­form about our gov­ern­ment big achieve­ment “Sur­gi­cal Attack “. Does it real­ly required to ask for proof or sup­port some­one else on stake of our coun­try …what is more impor­tant, give respect coun­try where you are born, coun­try which has given you name , fame and above all food to eat… grow up in real terms not in terms of your mon­ey, sta­tus and polit­i­cal. Sol­diers who has sac­ri­ficed their lives not for their own inter­est but to safe­gau­rd you so that 
    Pic Credit :http://indianexpress.com/
    Pic Cred­it :http://indianexpress.com/

    peo­ple can enjoy pop­corn in inter­vals of movies in the­ater, so that you can earn mon­ey when it hits on box office…they sac­ri­fice life so that you can stand up on stage and give long writ­ten speech to peo­ple who are going to vote for you. Stop pass­ing judg­ments and giv­ing such state­ments which proves that you are not at all worth being an INDIAN or human being..as a com­mon peo­ple show respect to our sol­diers and be loy­al to your coun­try.

  2. Help farm­ers:  Farm­ers are hard­work­ing and brave peo­ple. but some­how the time is not sup­port­ing them. so its high time we sup­port them. We can do lit­tle things to sup­port them.a. donat­ing mon­ey – right now they need mon­ey to sur­vive. they can­not wait for 5 years for things to change. so you can donate mon­ey to any good NGO who is work­ing to sup­port them. here is one ini­tia­tive by which you can adopt a fam­i­ly or famous bol­ly­wood actor nana patekar is also doing by talk­ing about this issue on var­i­ous front. he along with actors akshay kumar and makarand anaspure has also donat­ed lakhs of rupees to the fam­i­ly of farm­ers who have com­mit­ted sui­cide.
    Pic Credit : http://indiaopines.com/
    Pic Cred­it : http://indiaopines.com/

    b) buy local­ly pro­duced veg­eta­bles and fruits – this is the most impor­tant step you can take to help farm­ers.

    c) don’t bar­gain with poor peo­ple sell­ing veg­eta­bles in street. bar­gain­ing for 5–10 rupees with a poor per­son will not make you more rich. but it can make a lot of dif­fer­ence in the life of a poor per­son.

  3. Respect Wom­en : Wom­en face of love, puri­ty, care, inno­cence and respect. As we pray to God, it is said that respect your moth­er too…country where we can’t save and respect wom­en we are far behind in devel­op­ment …
    Pic credit : http://winkal.com/share/m/XeBu
    Pic cred­it : http://winkal.com/share/m/XeBu

    respect­ing wom­en is not only I am talk­ing about rape again­st wom­en but also we as an indi­vid­u­al wherever we see crme again­st wom­en we should raise our voice be it Bal vivah ‚ Female infan­ti­cide, domes­tic vio­lence , rape or  human traf­fick­ing. Don’t just watch, raise your voice save girls and wom­en, they are also from a fam­i­ly who loves them just like you love your moth­er, sis­ter, wife or daugh­ter.

Yes, the­ses are few things if we can do we can bring small changes and can help our coun­try in our way and can cre­ate a bet­ter tomor­row.

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Remem­ber Shar­ing is gain­ing and you can help spread­ing knowl­edge and help our coun­try!!

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  1. Ruchi you blog is very exemplary,outstanding and full of hard real­i­ty. I with great respect and rev­er­ence salute your moth­er who just in 9 words depict­ed total India.All the three points are the basics i.e Loy­al to the coun­try, Help farm­ers and Respect wom­en for each and every cit­i­zen of India.

  2. Very inspir­ing post.I agree with all of the points. We are a strug­gling nation but we val­ue hon­esty sin­cer­i­ty and integri­ty. I have lots of prayers and respect always for the army. In times of nation­al cri­sis it’s impor­tant loy­al­ty and integri­ty be val­ued

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  4. Well artic­u­lat­ed. I would just like to mod­i­fy your last point. Respect humans instead of respect wom­en. Any­body with a good soul should be respect­ed whether it is a man or a wom­an. Wom­en are humans and humans are beau­ti­ful. Any­body who is indulging in the things you have men­tioned are not humans and they do not deserve a place in our world.

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